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57. First Mission

56. Clan Name

55. Clan Housing

54. A Job

53. Extraction

52. A Detour

51. Extermination

50. More Cyborgs

49. Follow Cyborg

48. Our Lecture

47. Some Punks

46. Finding Land

45. The Sages

44. A Reunion

43. Conquistadores

42. First Daughter

41. Homeward Bound

40. Royal Court

39. Comradery

38. Going Out

Disguised Cyborgs

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I was pleased with the performance. The cyborgs were all able to do what was needed to keep the interview entertaining and interesting for their interviewers. All of them had their own personalities and quirks. They were in the middle of the interview when Quinn and Daniel got my attention. I was really close with the 4 audio technicians. I had to make sure things went well. They were cyborgs- really talented at anything that was put in front of them, but with very little creativity and self introspection. Due to this, the humans that were hired were mostly writers. Paul was the one that ran the distribution and Brett was the one that talked with the staff and employees. I was the one in charge of the actual music. As such, I worked with the technicians more often than not. Placing good beats on the tracks and adding and taking away from vocals or the instrumentals was very fun and I got to play around with it. Quinn and Daniel pulled me away from the interview. I looked at Brett and he nodded in understanding at me. I followed them to their rooms. The 4 of them had a mission and they wanted me to join.

Donning their ninja costumes, you had no clue what they looked like under the disguise. Quinn was tall and athletic. He was a redhead with sky blue eyes. Daniel was as tall, but thin. He had dark gray eyes and black hair. It was the same with the females. Maria had dark brown hair and dark green eyes. She was athletic and of average height. Cindy was of average height and physique. She was blond with hazel eyes. We had a company car. The red sedan was Paul's idea. We passed it by as we had to walk to the mission. Having our car made would be horrible for us. The cyborgs were in their street clothes while we were in public. I asked them what the mission was this time. There was a scrapper boss that was looking around for cyborgs to kill. Luckily, we had already scooped up a whole lot of them for the clan. We were going to kill him and his crew. Since it was an Extermination mission that we were on, we had a quota. We had to kill at least 12 of the 36 people. That was about 3 kills for each of us. We went to their hideout and they changed into their disguises. I had a mask as well.

Even though it should have been easy to spot the only centauress in the town, a mask allowed me to say it was not me. It was a weird exploit of the disguised status. We then moved in on the house. They seemed to be having a party or meeting. There were several of them on the lawn. I tossed a few javelins to start the encounter. 2 of them died from the ambush. The cyborgs charged in and began to engage the rest. I made sure to support them as they fought. I still had all my holy magic from being a paladin. With all the buffs I got from Paul while we were working on the music, it was fully maxed out. I could technically level a whole city block with a divine strike. That would be a last resort. I did not want my allies to be vaporized. The cyborgs were considered constructs and so I could not heal or resurrect them. We ended up killing 29 of them. The rest of them fled the house. We did take out the leader. The cyborgs were a bit scuffed up so they needed to patch themselves up as well as get their just rewards. The area to do that was the public library. I waited for them outside and they met me.

For their efforts, they got some schematics for more weapons. It was nothing special. We had been doing the music for about 3 weeks in game. During that time, the big main hall and the rest of the Clan Building was going through construction. The two hallways were built and we were very pleased after waiting for the Augury Room to finish when it was done. Next was be the Energy Lab and then the reactors. After that, the elevator down to the second sublevel. Being patient was a really hard thing to do, but we distracted ourselves with music. The large garden that led to a trading post and dueling room at the top and bottom were open. It was set to a Japanese Zen sand garden. I had no input on the original garden, but I could change it at any time. Patterns were raked into the sand. Stones and plants were placed at the appropriate places to give a very calming atmosphere. The Bio and the Chem labs were across the hall from each other at the bottom of the hallways, and at the very bottom was yet another reactor. Everything was now done. I wanted to have everything done before we used it.

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