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91. Leave Him

90. PEP Dominance

89. Loser Keith

88. Killer Keith

87. Get Him Pregnant

86. His Place

85. Nikolas

84. Cruising Again

83. Second Round

82. Claire Joins

81. X-frame Sex

80. Break Up

79. Angry Keith

78. Artist Keith

77. More X-frames

76. Commission Keith

75. Art Critique

74. Love Rival

73. First Date

72. Dating

Keith's Filling

avatar on 2021-07-08 13:38:01

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I could see the shock on the scrapper's face. Being fucked bareback must have been shocking enough. When 10 seconds passed, he looked at Keith and said "Let me go, man. You're done." "What the fuck!? Are you pissing in my ass!?" he snapped after 10 more seconds. Keith had a satisfied look on his face. "I said 'Take it all' didn't I, cum dumpster!?" he snapped as he slapped the guy's ass. He hissed. I saw how long they could go in a X-frame. It could take over an hour. The scrappers would not stand for that. I turned my head to Nikolas and whispered "Let's get out of here. Slowly." He nodded and we slowly backed up. When we got to the street, we heard some shots ring out. We just waited until the shots died down. I got shot in the head and it took me down to critical health. Nikolas picked me up and ran with me. There were a few more shots as Nikolas got to the corner and got behind cover. I healed myself with magic and stood up. Nikolas was shocked. "What the fuck are you!? You got shot in the head! You should be dying now!" he yelled. "Thanks for the concern, Niko." I teased.

Zipping around the corner, Keith held us at gun point. "There were 20 of them inside that club. Why the fuck didn't you back me up!?" he snapped. We could see that his pants and underwear were both up. "You tried to kill us. It would be stupid to help you. Niko deals them drugs so they are pretty good to him. Why would he fuck that up for you?" I said like I was explaining it to a toddler. "Shut the fuck up." he said in annoyance. Keith then sized me up and said "So, you just walk around with X-wombs like a pervert then? Why the fuck did you install one in me!? You must like me more than I thought." I shrugged and said "Whatever you think. You know where we stand." He just scoffed and said "Fine. You think this is something to me. I'll just get her to take the semen replicator. Her cum in my womb will do the same thing." I just shrugged again. That seemed to annoy him. "You think I can't do that shit! Fine. Give me your cum. I can use it for the replicator." "You do not want that." Nikolas and I said at the same time. We looked at each other. "That's cute. Fuck me." I just looked at him.

You could not say I did not try. I put my hands on his shoulders. "Keith. I know I have no right to say this considering the context, but you need to wait and listen. If I cum in you, it will ruin your life. You will get pregnant and you'll end up raising my baby." I said. He narrowed his eyes in befuddlement and scoffed nervously. He did not know how to take it. "That might be true for humans, but I'm different. Sarah and I have seen your sperm. I'll grant that it's pretty potent, but my body can block and even expel semen." he said before turning to Nikolas. "Your boyfriend can tell you that." he said, seeking confirmation. Nikolas just shook his head and clutched at his stomach. "He gave me an X-womb this afternoon. He's the technician for his clan. When we fucked, his sperm was way to potent. It... overrode my rejection and my abortion failsafe. I am pregnant now. This is not something to play with." he said with a deep frown. Keith was just flabbergasted. Then his eyes narrowed. "So that's why you could make a deal with me. Why hasn't anyone gotten the task to kill you yet?" he snapped angrily at me.

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