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90. PEP Dominance

89. Loser Keith

88. Killer Keith

87. Get Him Pregnant

86. His Place

85. Nikolas

84. Cruising Again

83. Second Round

82. Claire Joins

81. X-frame Sex

80. Break Up

79. Angry Keith

78. Artist Keith

77. More X-frames

76. Commission Keith

75. Art Critique

74. Love Rival

73. First Date

72. Dating

71. Maroon

Compensating Hard

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I saw subtlety, the tone of the group shifted. The guy saying all that smack talk looked at the others and said "W-well, I... I wasn't t-talking about myself here. It was just a more... general type of deal." He was struggling. Keith is a hotheaded asshole though. "No." is not an answer that he will accept the first time unless it was Sarah. Even then, he'll whine about it to get her to change her mind. He reached for him and yanked him close. "Just shut up and get hard, limp dick!" Keith snapped as he got on his knees and unzipped the scrappers pants. "W-woah! I did not sign up for this." he said. He was being held by the thighs with Keith's off hand as he took the gray pants and purple star underwear down to his ankles. Keith wasted no time palming and kissing at his junk. The scrapper did not have a chance to keep from getting hard. He had to just give up and lower his waistband so Keith could have full access to his 5 inch cock. The others cheered and jeered at them. Keith only glared up at him with aggressive hate as he began to give him head. It was without a doubt the best he ever had.

Very crudely, Keith undid his own pants with his dominant hand and made himself get hard and leak some of his synthetic fluid as he slipped the thin waistband under his fake balls. His dick was 6 and a quarter inches and girthy. It had more girth than mine. Something he never let me forget. Just as the scrapper was about to blow his load, Keith knocked them on his back and straddled him. He grunted in pain before the cyborg sank his ass down on his cock. Keith gave him a predatory grin. "Now cum for me." he said. The scrapper looked annoyed. "Like hell I-" he started before his back arched. His body then writhed. PEP unit were everything. I had no doubt that his ass was doing crazy things at the moment to milk the scrapper's cock. Keith then groaned and covered his face. "Hell no. I'm not doing that." he muttered. "Get off me already!" the scrapper said after panting. Keith got off of the scrapper and went to another of the smaller guys in the group. The cyborg led him to the brick wall was and pushed the human's chest against it. Keith took his pants and blue polka dot underwear off.

When Keith began to hotdog his dick along the ass crack of the scrapper, the others looked on in alarm. They were obviously not okay with this. The scrapper in question was bent over against his will and held down. The very dominant cyborg was holding a single hip and pressing down on his back. There was no way that he was getting away from Keith. The struggling only made him look like a trembling animal. It was actually pathetic. "What the hell are you playing at!?" one of the bigger scrappers called out. "I have not cum yet. I got one of you off with my ass. One of you guys have to get me off with yours!" was all Keith said as he released some more of the clear synthetic fluid. Eventually, Keith pressed his dick against the scrapper's asshole. "No fucking way, dude! Get that away from my ass! There's no way it'll fit!" the scrapper snapped as he struggled harder to escape from the male aggressor. Keith chuckled darkly and said "Don't worry. I'll make it fit." When he thrust in, the scrapper groaned out loud. Keith said "I'll crush your prostate and make you my bitch." We just watched it all.

X-frame or not, Keith's misanthropy caused him to be immensely cruel towards humans. As a PEP unit, Keith was an innate master at sex. His trusts and grinding against the scrapper's prostate made it so he could not resist. He just whined and moaned as his own hips pressed back against Keith for more. Tears, snot and drool were all running down his face. Precum leaked from his cock like a faucet. Keith said "Cum like the bitch you are. Everyone is watching and waiting." "No way!" the scrapper said with his eyes shut tight. It did not sound convincing at all. "C'mon. I know you are. I can even count you down. Let's go. 8...7...6...." Keith smirked as his thrust picked up their intensity. When Keith got to 1, he made a final deep thrust. The scrapper screamed as his cum splattered against the wall. Several ropes of thick, white cum shot from him and his whole body went slack. Keith was strong enough to keep him upright. It was only when he was able to steady himself that Keith said "You're already my bitch. Now you're going to be my cum dumpster. Take it all." He made 12 more thrusts and then held still.

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