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76. Commission Keith

75. Art Critique

74. Love Rival

73. First Date

72. Dating

71. Maroon

70. Reproduction

69. The Reveal

68. A Full Clan

67. Unsatisfying

66. Police Interview

65. New X-frames

64. New Member

63. Kill Him

62. Assassination

61. Cab Arrives

60. Fleeing

59. True Predator

58. Invited Inside

57. Good Night Out

Moody Misanthrope

avatar on 2021-07-07 01:23:40

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A full two weeks passed by in a blink. I went over to Sarah's place multiple times and hung out with her and Keith. He was still surly and confrontational with me. I gave in and told him that I would not mind having threeways with him. We did that a couple of times. Both of them like to keep their clothes hanging on their hips as they fucked. I guessed they both had their charge ports on their lower halves. Keith would not rest unless he got to cum a huge load inside of her. Keith was strategic and smartly made sure that he went after me. Sarah and him would both tell me not to wear any condoms. Everytime he came, he looked at her with a possessive grin. "You must have felt really good there. I haven't seen loads that big in porn." I would say tellingly. He would then smirk at me and say "That's because I'm just the better man." Sarah would just look at the two of us and shake her head. This latest time was different. I looked at Keith and said "Hey, Keith? I want to hire you for a huge task." He looked at me and frowned. "I need you to do some portraits for me and my friends. I'll pay you." I said.

Being the real misanthrope he was, he scrunched up his nose and said "And spend the day around all the people that actually stand you!? No thanks." I leaned my body on him and he grunted with contempt. "5000 credits for a portrait. You know that your going rate is nowhere near that high, Keith." I offered. He glared intensely at me in order to intimidate me into submission, but that had never worked before. I was not going to back down now. Sarah just slapped Keith on the ass and told him to do it. He looked at her and she said "We could always use the money. You know that there's lots of things we could buy." "You have the blueprints!?" he gasped. She nodded her head at him. "Fine! Where do I need to be and when?" he conceded. I told him where to be and said "Thanks. Afterwards, I will treat you to something great. A very literal treasure for you." He sat up and said "There's no way a pipsqueak like you has anything that we'd actually find valuable. You like art about fake things." Sarah said "That sounds nice. Maybe I should come down and take a look as well." That was fine with me.

Continuing our post sex cuddle, we stayed on the bed for a few more minutes before my phone rang. They looked at me until I groaned and went to get it. Keith watched me as I got it from my pants. Ryder and Claire were now back after crafting their own X-frames. I was interested in seeing how a pair of XF-10F models will work. There was also the aspect that they both worked for me at the cab depot. My faction of the clan was going to be gaining a lot of power now. I looked at Keith and Sarah. "I'm being called into work guys. There was something big going on and I need to figure it out when I get there. I will see you tomorrow Keith." He just rolled his eyes at me. I quickly dressed and went back to the depot. The van was not there, so I guessed they were down in the Main Hall of the clan building. Getting on the lounge elevator, I was getting pretty excited. When I got there, the whole clan was in the hall crowding around the pods where the X-frames were. The cyborgs without an X-frame were horny again. I made my way over and the others turned to see me. Ryder pushed me to his.

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