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75. Art Critique

74. Love Rival

73. First Date

72. Dating

71. Maroon

70. Reproduction

69. The Reveal

68. A Full Clan

67. Unsatisfying

66. Police Interview

65. New X-frames

64. New Member

63. Kill Him

62. Assassination

61. Cab Arrives

60. Fleeing

59. True Predator

58. Invited Inside

57. Good Night Out

56. Clan Mission

Proving My Worth

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A moment passed before he looked at me and pointed. "He's not human. No one should be able to keep up with me like that." he hissed. "I just care about my girlfriend. I also don't like being disrespected in front of her. If I was by myself, I might have let you slide." I said. That was not entirely accurate. It was just my pride acting out. Sarah looked at me and smiled. "There you have it. It's not like you were ever going to satisfy me in bed." she said. "As if he actually made you cum!" he huffed. I just looked at her. She looked at me and I shrugged. "Aren't you going to say something?" she asked. "The issue is settled. We know what happened. That's all we need." I replied to that. I was not going to play along like an idiot. She just sighed and looked at Keith. "Go clean yourself up. Didn't you go out for painting?" she said as she shook her head. "I was going to show you before I found you fucking some guy you found on the street. Look in the dining room." He then left the room. We looked at each other for a moment before she said "Go ahead. I'll follow you out soon." I nodded and went out to look.

One easel was set up in the dining room. The pitcher of lemonade and the shot glasses we used were still on the table. There was a cloth over the painting. I walked up to it and grabbed the cloth at the bottom. I lifted it gently and looked at the painting. It was photorealistic cityscape from a tall building. The painting focused on the space in front of the town hall and the surrounding block. I liked it. There was nothing that I could criticize about it. The only thing that I could say was that I was not really into cityscapes in general. "So, how do you like it?" he said from behind me. I turned and shrugged my shoulders. "Eh. It's fine if you're into this kind of thing. I'm just not into the cityscapes." He just grunted. "Pearls before swine." he said. I looked at him and noticed that he was in different clothes. "You like Sarah. What's the deal with that?" I asked. He crossed his arms. "I'm not telling a pig like you about that." That was fine with me. "Well, I'm going to be dating her and I'm not going anywhere." I said. "You don't deserve her." he said. "I proved it." I shot back. "You think that you're better than me!?"

There was nothing left to say. I waited for Sarah to come and look. She looked at it blankly. "I think its nice. I like the accuracy." she said. He nodded and said "I thought so too." "Have you ever considered creating a picture from your imagination?" They looked at me with confusion. "What's the point? It's not real." Keith said. "Making things up seems like a waste of time." Sarah said in agreement. I blinked and looked at them. I guessed the cyborg's artistic passions only went so far. I had to ask "How did you two get so into art?" Keith looked at Sarah. "She taught me about art." Sarah nodded with a smile. "When I was new in town, I was very poor. A man that thought I was very beautiful begged me to let him draw me. I tried to avoid him, but he kept trying. Eventually, I just made a deal. If he bough me clothes worthy of a picture, he could draw me. After he was done, he taught me how to do it. A few commissions later, and I had enough to take care myself. When I met Keith, he was in just as bad a spot as I was. I taught him how to do art and let him live with me." That made sense to me.

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