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71. Maroon

70. Reproduction

69. The Reveal

68. A Full Clan

67. Unsatisfying

66. Police Interview

65. New X-frames

64. New Member

63. Kill Him

62. Assassination

61. Cab Arrives

60. Fleeing

59. True Predator

58. Invited Inside

57. Good Night Out

56. Clan Mission

55. Depot Operations

54. His Buisness

53. Clan Building

52. Our Business


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Capturing humans for sex so that they can take the genetic material from them sounded harsh. "What were the benefits of using an X-frame of the different sex?" I asked. He nodded and said "Good question. For one, it does a lot of work obscuring our identity for them. People won't think your the pilot if you are the opposite sex." It was pretty nice. He was not done. "Second, it is easy to steal genetic information when you can capture it directly. A male cyborg can fill his own semen tanks if he is an especially... seductive partner. A female can collect her own egg cells as well posing as a male, as opposed to having to buy or barter for them. There is also the ability to feel what the opposite sex feels. We can't feel pleasure by ourselves no matter how many encounter we might have with them. It sounds... interesting." he finished. The benefits did make intersex piloting useful. The cyborgs were drawn to whatever one they could feasibly create and use. The blueprints were not consumable either. Now that we had a complete set of blueprints for 2 separate X-frames, the clan could become powerful.

Doing that would mean giving up our advantage as being the only clan with these X-frames though. I supposed that we could split the distance by keeping XF-06Mx to ourselves and selling off copies of the blueprints for XF-02F and XF-10F. We would have to make sure the authorities never caught wind of this. Maroon interrupted my thoughts by holding me from behind and rubbing my chest. I was curious where this would go saying "I know you don't really want to fuck." "If you would rather lose your virginity to a female, can I take that as you would give me some sperm if I was in the XF-02F I design?" I raised an eyebrow. "Is this your audition as an... 'especially... seductive partner'?" I asked. He actually went for it and nipped at the top of my ear. "Do I make the cut?" he said whispered, licking my inner ear. A shiver ran down my spine when that happened. There was no point in pretending when he could see it worked. "Sure. Just don't make anything too ugly." I said. He nuzzled the side of my head and let go. If it was wasn't for the placement of his charge port, he could be a stripper.

After that, it was too awkward to stay in the same area with him. I went to the dojo on the second sublevel. Sparks was still there and I surprised to see Paul there. "Hey there. I was busy. Since Omnikid can't walk around freely it would be nice if I had another kid." I nodded. That was true, there was not many Players here, but they would come. When they did, the Sages would come with them. I smiled and said "We might not need to worry about it. It is going to solve itself when Ryder and Claire comes back. Maroon and I explained the ways that the X-frames could help with procreation. Paul shrugged and said "Well, I don't want a child out there that is just going to be mind controlled by the transmission hub." That was true. The transmission hub generated the missions that the cyborgs had the option of taking for rewards. It would not do for children as powerful as Omnikid, Jamie, or Mikey to be roaming around pulling off assassinations or espionage of behalf of aliens. I also did not want that. Maroon looked a bit disappointed. He said "That's a shame Paul. I feel your semen would be strong."

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