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27. Eric's Costume : at home

26. Eric's Costume : lunchtime

25. Eric's Coatume: onto Shoes the

24. Eric's Costume: Makeup Detour

23. Eric's Costume: On the way to

22. Eric's Costume: Confrontation

21. Eric's Costume: Back home

20. Eric's Costume: Next morning

19. Crash for the Night

18. Eric's Costume: Steve's house

17. Eric's Costume: The Contest

16. Dirty Dancing Competition

15. Introductions

14. The Center of Attention

13. his sister

12. A Little Fun Can't Hurt

11. Having Trouble Deciding

10. go to the party

9. his sister

8. Creating An Alibi (Faking Sick

Eric's Costume : at home

on 2021-04-17 09:20:14

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Steve pulled up in front of Eric's house about 15 minutes later and popped the trunk. He and Eric got out of the car, and Steve admired Eric's ass as he now girl bent over to grab the shopping bags.

"A little help here Steve," said Eric, snapping Steve out of his reverie. He came over and put his hand out for Eric to put a couple bags on. Then Eric grabbed the remaining items and the duo went to the door. Eric got the key out of his purse and opened the door. Steve put his bags just inside the door and stepped out again, "Dude, I think I'm done for the day. Let me know when you are back to you. Your body is messing with my brain."

"I get it, man. It's messing with my brain too. Thanks, " replied Eric going in for a hug. Steve held up his hand to stop Eric, but just ended up with a handful of breast. After a moment, the hand was withdrawn like he had touched fire.

"Bye," was all Eric heard as Steve all but ran to his car. Eric took the phone out of his purse and texted his sister that he was home with her stuff, then sat on the couch to watch some TV. Turning on The Bachelor, he wait for a text back...and waited...and waited. It seemed like 30 minutes, but it was only 10. After admiring Andrew Baldwin for a bit, he got up and went to the kitchen and got a snack of yogurt and blueberries. He then washed the dish and went to the bags in the hall. Taking them all in one go, he went up to his sister's room to drop them off. He unceremoniously dropped them on her bed. A lingerie box slid out of its bag.

The gears in Eric's head started to turn. He had looked good in the set earlier. His sister wasn't coming home for a bit. Maybe he could tease Steve a bit and send him a pic in the lingerie. He would be out of this body soon, and wouldn't have the opportunity again. Besides, he had bought the stuff with his money anyway. He was already wearing a set.

Eric stripped out of the clothing he had "borrowed" from Steve's sister and admired himself in the mirror for a bit. All those salads and stuff were paying off. He traced his hands over his hips and waist. Soon he would be that size 0 he wanted. He shook his head, what even was a size 0? Eric decided it was time to take the pic.

He texted Steve, "Thanks for your help sweetie" with a winkie kiss face emoji. That ought to mess with him a little bit.

Then Eric heard the garage door starting to open.

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