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26. Eric's Costume : lunchtime

25. Eric's Coatume: onto Shoes the

24. Eric's Costume: Makeup Detour

23. Eric's Costume: On the way to

22. Eric's Costume: Confrontation

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18. Eric's Costume: Steve's house

17. Eric's Costume: The Contest

16. Dirty Dancing Competition

15. Introductions

14. The Center of Attention

13. his sister

12. A Little Fun Can't Hurt

11. Having Trouble Deciding

10. go to the party

9. his sister

8. Creating An Alibi (Faking Sick

7. Conflicting Thoughts

Eric's Costume : lunchtime

on 2021-04-09 21:40:20

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Steve put down the bags of stuff that Eric got from Payless, Victoria's secret and a few others.

"Eric, what do you want for lunch? I'm getting Sbarros. Want a piece or two?"

"I'll just have a ceasar salad with chicken."

"Huh? A salad?"

"The pizza just sounds really...heavy right now. Just a salad."

"That medallion really messed with your head man, " mumbled Steve going to put the order in. Eric sat down and went through his purchases. The shoes would go really well with the skirt he got, and with that dress too. It was good to get accessories that went with multiple outfits, it would save money. The $50 bucks he won didn't go far. It barely paid for 2 pairs of shoes. He was over $100 in the hole. Why were bras so expense? That set of lingerie was like 65 dollars. He shouldn't have gotten it, but it looked so good on him. Steve came back with some pizza

"Here's your pizza dude," said Steve.

"Steve, I asked for a salad."

"No man, your messed up mind asked for a salad. You love this pizza, so I got you a slice."

"...You're right man, I do like this stuff. Thanks for helping me out, " said Eric picking up the slice and trying to eat it his usual way. His hands weren't quite as big, so he folded it a little differently and took a bite. Man, it was greasy, but delish. He took several more bites ravenously.

"Dude, you are scarfing that down. Not very ladylike."

"Fuck you Steve."

"Maybe later, 'Sweetie'" joked Steve starting his second piece. Eric just glared at his friend.

"You have beautiful eyes, even when they are pissed at me." Eric blushed as he finished his slice. He couldn't even start the second, he was too full.

"So, we have the 3 pairs of shoes, the shirt, the dress and...other stuff."

"You mean lingerie? Panties? Bras? Thongs?" teased Steve. Eric just got up and started to leave the food court. Steve's eyes followed Eric's ass swaying back and forth. Eric's sister had a killer bod, and now his friend did. Gears started turning.

"Let's go, man," said Eric. Steve got up and cleared their table. The two got into the car and went back to Eric's house.

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