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14. 3rd Android

13. 2nd Android

12. 1st Android

11. Recruited

10. Skill Allocation

9. Skill Tree(Intelligence)

8. Skill Tree(Capability)

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5. Skill Tree(Construction)

4. Planet of Arctaria

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2. Let's try this out

1. The Future of Gaming

Intersex Catboy

avatar on 2020-09-29 01:20:35

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I pushed the budget a bit to get four Adamu to test the model. We made sure they were able to get blowjobs, anal and to fuck it in the pussy. At the end of the day, they all agreed that it was a good experience. "I wish my first girlfriend was a good as this." one of the younger candidates said. I nodded and wrote it down for a testimonial. I was very pleased with this. I was confident that it was going to do well. Doing the sex work was one thing. I did hope the inherent hacking and offensive capabilities that got buried in the code were noticed. The USB Port and audio jack and plug would be a clue there was something more to them. I was not able to put an actual pistol in them, for some very obvious reasons, but they could still be programmed to fight. With two down, it was time to work on the third and final prototype. Since the merman had a sandy skin tone and the Adamu had a ivory skin tone, I wanted to make the third have a golden tan. Owen did tell me to go for diverse range. I need to make this one intersex, but I still wanted a more androgynous design for this one.

More than that, I wanted to go for another gimmick. I wanted to make a catboy. Those were always popular. Think about Chat Noir and Black Panther. My team shrugged and allowed me to design it. It helped that I was the lead on the project. "You like cats, huh?" Devon asked. "I hate to agree with him, but you seemed like more of a dog person to me as well." Susan said. I just shrugged before meowing at them. That stunned them for a moment. They then began to laugh. I raised an eyebrow before going back to the drawing board. This one was also a challenge. While the merman was hard to get the tail to function in order to let the android swim and fuck, this one was more fitting in everything it would need to be able to do. It needed to be able to use its dick, ass and pussy. That meant there was going to be a lot of lube and synthetic cum needed to fit inside the body. We also needed to figure how to simulate an human erection. Needless to say, it was much different then the dolphin dick in the merman's cloaca. That took more research while we prepared the other parts.

We finally found the answer and implemented it. When were pleased with the results we moved on. When we put the synthetic skin on, I gave the model slight pecs instead of breasts to give it a more masculine feel while also giving it wider hips and a fatter ass than the Adamu. It was also three inches taller. We also had to give the cat ears and tail realistic fur. The hair was a black pixie cut that showed off its human ears. The eyes were lavender. I asked Greg to make it more submissive. While the merman was flirty and affectionate, it was neither too submissive or too dominant during talking. The Adamu was a bit more matronly and dominant but it only activated those dialogue scripts when you talked to it. Therefore, a submissive catboy was just the way to balance out the trio. Greg nodded and got to work on it. The audio jack was right above the right shoulder blade. The end of its tail had a retractable jack plug. The USB Port was on its left pectoral. Greg and Devon tested it out and they had mixed reviews. They liked anal, but the vagina could use some work. We got on that.

After they gave the approval, we had to find testers willing to take its dick. It was six inches and neither Greg nor Devon were willing. We got some fresh participants in that were thankfully bisexual. That meant they were fine with running the whole gauntlet. The males fucked the pussy and the ass and then were fucked by the android in turn. The females got fucked in the pussy and ass and then tried scissoring with the android. Unfortunately, we did not consider that so the android just moaned softly and looked up in confusion as the girl ground their pussies together. Some thought it was pretty hot. Others did not like the 'dead fish' routine. I apparently made the right call making it act submissively. We were able to pass that bug off as a feature. We obviously had to go back and make sure that the android still thrusted back. We also added the feature to the merman and Adamu as well to ensure they could scissor with the best of them. It had taken a very long time to get them all finished. Having all of them done sent me to level 7. I had been saving them all for a good time.

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