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13. 2nd Android

12. 1st Android

11. Recruited

10. Skill Allocation

9. Skill Tree(Intelligence)

8. Skill Tree(Capability)

7. Skill Tree(Energy)

6. Skill Tree(Programming)

5. Skill Tree(Construction)

4. Planet of Arctaria

3. Random Options

2. Let's try this out

1. The Future of Gaming

Adamu Woman

avatar on 2020-09-28 14:03:17

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Devon came two times before the script was complete. He ended it early by telling it to stop and pat the merman on the shoulder. The merman took his hand and kissed the knuckles. I thought it was a bit too flirty. One of the programmers was a romantic and thought it was a unique touch. Devon rolled his eyes and got out the tub. It was time to test the fellatio function. He stood over the tub and told it to suck him off. The merman had leaned over the rim of the tub to place its mouth on Devon's five inch dick. The merman sucked, licked, stroked and even massaged the balls. Devon squealed as be busted a fat nut in the merman's mouth. He pulled up his speedo and left the room on shaky legs. The Adamu teased him viciously as they asked him all their questions. The Okoth had to go in and fuck the merman as well. "Why did I have to do all that if Greg was just going to go in anyway!?" snapped Devon. "Because your dick is too small! We want to give it a good stretch." said Susan the head Adamu that teased Devon. Mike and Felix were the other Adamu that were with her.

Greg went in with swimming trunks and flip flops. He stood in front of the merman and pulled down his trunks. "I'd like a blowjob." he asked politely. Greg was the one on the team who worked on the A.I. The merman smiled a bit and reached a hand out for him. The merman gave a similar service to the white haired young man. Greg just said "Take me deeper", and the merman then began deepthroating him. Greg sighed as he grabbed the head of the android. "I bet you wanted to do that." Felix said as he elbowed Devon. "He can't with that small dick!" Mike laughed. Devon was bright red. Greg came and then took the merman out the tub. Greg had a seven and a half inch dick. "Lube up. I'm going in." he said. The merman nodded as Greg got in position. He then began fucking the android. The merman wrapped arms around Greg's neck and thrusted back against him. He came and cleaned himself up before putting his trunks on and coming back. The only thing left was to get someone to take the dick in the vagina and ass. We could pay someone for that. Who could say no?

It did not take long to find two testers. They were both satisfied with the results over three days. With that done, the merman's test was over. I then turned my eyes to the next model. Since I had the male down, I had to make a female and intersex android. I decided to make an Adamu woman. I wanted it to be an attractive, yet attainable model. I had it be five foot eight and gave it light freckles on the nose and cheeks. The hair was a dirty blond and the eyes were the color of the sky on a clear day. Their human lower half was exponentially less complicated to run tests for than the merman's tail. We were able to speed through the process. I was glad the team let us do the big challenge first. It was given much the same programming and accessories. The only difference was the placing. The USB Port was placed at the tail bone. Their audio jack was where the belly button would be. That was because we did not need to worry about it getting wet as much as the merman. When it was finished, Greg and Devon tested it out. They enjoyed it and approved. We still needed outside tests.

The two testers we got this time were both Najja. The Adamu on the team complained, but I did not want to hear it. "I want to see if it has broad appeal. Adamu are narcissistic enough to buy it because it already looks like one of them. I need to see if others would like it." We then ran the tests and they had some crucial feedback on the anal sex. We took it to heart and tried to improve the programming to let it grip and thrust better. We also added a bigger lube tank to allow the vagina and the anus to lube themselves from independent sources. That was a setback, but it came with the benefit of putting out a better overall product. The next two testers were both male members of the Okoth ethnic group. I let them have free reign on the model. They liked it. I decided to consider it pretty good. The final test would be if Adamu actually liked it. I talked a big game earlier but this model had to be the one to sell. It had the Adamu fair skin as well as hair and eye color. If the merman was the niche one, this was the basic broad appeal candidate. If this failed, we were in very big trouble.

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