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6. Skill Tree(Programming)

5. Skill Tree(Construction)

4. Planet of Arctaria

3. Random Options

2. Let's try this out

1. The Future of Gaming

Programming Skill Tree

avatar on 2020-09-27 13:32:10

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--- Multiple Scripts ---
Companion Sex Battle
Dialogue Versatility Martial Arts
--- Multi-Function ---
--- Omni Functionality ---


--- Password ---
No Backdoor Scanning
Anti Spyware --- Anti Vrus
Lock Out --- Counter Virus
--- Code Encryption ---
--- Unique Code ---


--- Brute Force ---
Backdoor Entry Unscannable
Spyware --- Virus
Break In --- Trojan Horse
--- Code Decryption ---
--- Code Catalogue ---


Multiple Scripts- +100 lines of adaptable code
Multi-Function- Can be used for 2 purposes
Password- need to enter password to access android's functions
Code Encryption- -15 enemy hack chance per star
Unique Code- password changes each time
Brute Force- +10 hack chance per star
Spyware- +10 tracing chance per star
Virus- +10 virus chance per star
Code Decryption- provides one character of password per star
Code Catalogue- provides one character of each possible password per star

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