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5. Skill Tree(Construction)

4. Planet of Arctaria

3. Random Options

2. Let's try this out

1. The Future of Gaming

Construction Skill Tree

avatar on 2020-09-27 11:33:54

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Robotic Form --- Iron Skeleton
Human Form --- Titanium Skeleton
Animal Form --- Steel Skeleton
Demi-human Form --- Adamantium Skeleton
--- Flexible Joints ---


--- Replaceable Parts ---
Durable Material --- Wielded Together
Craftsmanship --- Protective Covering
Artisan Metalwork --- Synthetic Skin
--- Self Repair ---
--- Regenerative Skin ---


--- Chink in the Armor ---
Vibration Acid Laser
Explosion Melt Slice
--- Critical Attack ---
--- Sustained Damage ---


Various Damages- 10% added damage to attacks of this type per star
Regenerative Skin- 5% of health added per minute per star
Critical Attack- 2% added chance of critical damage per star
Sustained Damage- 1% added damage per minute per star

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