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4. Planet of Arctaria

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1. The Future of Gaming

Paging Dr. David

avatar on 2020-09-27 10:29:03

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NAME- Dr. David Harper
APPEARENCE- Real Body Build
ADVANCED APPEARENCE- Piercings (R: 2 Industrials, 1 Helix L: 2 Industrials, 3 Helix T: 1 Stud)
EDUCATION- Doctorate in Engineering

START IN: Conion

I had a chance to decide whether or not to accept the parameters set. I decided not to edit it aside from adding a bit more muscle tone. I didn't even look at the menus again. There were no other changes I wanted to make. It was time to get going and play the game. I was surprised as my body morphed. The mirror let me see my whole body at once. It was not that strange. I always had this type of body. Taking a few steps was exciting. I did things like this often and I loved it. I looked around and saw a door. I walked to it and put my hand on the knob. A popup appeared in front of me saying "You are leaving the character creation room. You will not be allowed to return here again. Are you sure you wish to leave?". I knew that lots of time had already passed. I wanted to hurry and find Suzie. I turned the knob and opened the door. It was a bright white light I could not see through. I guessed I was supposed to walk just through it to get to the game. I did and continued on for what felt like 10 seconds. The world needed to load, I guessed. It did not take too long.

My eyes blinked and I was suddenly in an empty, alleyway. It was dingy and l walked to the street. I looked around for a few minutes. This setting did not track at all with what I was told by Suzie or what I had read myself in the developers' blogs. The streets had cars driving by and the people on the streets were wearing modern clothes that I saw in the real world. I had to look at the menu and look at where I was. When I saw that I was in an entirely different world, I was upset. "Shit! Where the hell am I then!?" I said as I bit my thumbnail. I looked again and saw that the world of Arctaria was a sci-fi setting for players into that sort of thing. I was not against the idea, so it was not all bad. Some of my favorite anime shared the setting. Looking closer at the menu's built in encyclopedia, the planet had major factions and several other minor nations. Only the major nations had the power and resources to build an android. Arctaria was locked in a planet wide cold war. The map said that I currently was in the country of Conion. It was one of the minor factions.

There were three main ethnicities in the kingdom. The Adamu were the ruling ethnic group with 71.7% of the population. Adamu had blond hair and light blue eyes. They were highly racist as a rule. The Okoth people made up 10.2% of the kingdom and hailed from the east of the country. They were known for their pure white hair and their green eyes as well as being the strongest in the country. The Alkali had tan hair and yellow eyes and made up 14.1% of the population of Conion. They were formerly nomadic traders that settled down in the south of the country. They were good at diplomacy and bartering. I was one of them. The remaining 4% of the people were known as the Najja, a heterodox mix of different peoples that were in the kingdom for one reason or another. It was a throwaway category for those not in the main three groups. They were mostly looked down on for not being pure blooded. Adamu were explicit in their bigotry, but the other ethnic groups had their own prejudices as well. It was a more covert racism playing out in marriages and hiring.

There were too many skill trees to max out, so a Player wanting to put points in everything would be a jack of all trades and a master of either one to the detriment of all others, or none but competent in all the basic skills. For example, there were five disciplines: Construction, Programming, Energy, Capability and Intelligence. Each perk on the tree had five stars to players to put skill points in. Once a star was lit up, the next perk would be unlocked for allocating. At level 1, the player was given five skill points to allocate. Graduate degrees, master's degrees or above, also had 5 skill points per level of education to set in the skills at the beginning of the game. Those with high school education of less had less stars. It was a sort of gauge for the Players to determine whether they wanted to play on easy mode or not for the early game. My doctorate granted me ten points. Since it was the first week, there was a perk of having an additional ten skill points. That meant I had twenty five points to allocate in my skill trees. I was really starting to look forward to it.

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