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3. Random Options

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1. The Future of Gaming

Character Generation

avatar on 2020-06-20 15:25:37

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I saw that here was a randomize function. I chose it because I wanted to get into the game as soon as possible. A list of categories fell from the menu. I gasped in total surprise. There were many categories for the character that could be randomized. "I guess there are a lot of people like me. Everyone does not have the time to fine tune every single thing before they get playing." I said as I read the categories. You could choose to randomize the birth marks or tattoos. You could also do the same for the body type, face and hair. You could even go to the race selector in the character selection screen and change it to whatever one pleased. Certain playable races had some special features that could also be customized and randomized.

Because there was so much choice for making a character, I was initially not going to delve too deep. Now that it was significantly easier, I decided I could put some time into it. For the body type there were several presets as well as a randomize button. Right under it was a mirror icon. I clicked it to see what it would do. It made it look like exactly like me. It was just the body type however. Seeing my clone stand in front of me made me feel excited about the game. Suzie said her character was pretty much an elf version of her. It would make it easier for her to find me in the city. I set the race to human, as I did not want to go too crazy on my first character. Maybe I could go into further to detail for my second character.

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