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10. Todd and Jeff reminisce...

9. Mind Mirror Mosquitos: Todd be

8. Meanwhile, down the hall...

7. Chloe's mind starts to change

6. Chloe gets bit

5. Let's meet the bride

4. Are those wedding bells in the

3. Mind-Mirror Mosquitos

2. Unstable Universe

1. The Drafting Board

MMM Wedding: Reminiscing

on 2020-04-25 14:55:38

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(Note: I guess I was a little vague in the setting. First I described it as a church, then I added a bedroom for narrative convenience, then I used "old barn" as a description (though my intent was more figurative than literal). I guess my point is, I already broke my own continuity so go with whatever setting works for your chapters!)

Todd suddenly felt butterflies in his stomach. Weird, he hadn't been nervous all day but suddenly it was hitting him. Maybe he just couldn't believe this was all finally real. He looked at Jeff and the fluttering feeling intensified. He took a deep breath, which made him feel the tightness of his bustier under his crisp white dress shirt. He couldn't wait for Jeff to see... wait, no! Not now... later... Finally calming himself a bit, he reached up and gave Jeff a brotherly smack on the shoulder.

"You know," he said, "I'm really lucky to have you as a best friend."

"Same, bro."

"Remember the night we met?" Todd asked wistfully.

"Yeah, dude. Roommates freshman year! I thought we were gonna hate each other!"

"No, man, we only moved in together last year. We met at that Halloween party off campus, remember?"

Jeff looked really confused for a moment, but then a flash of recognition went through his eyes.

"Oh, right! How could I forget that?! I came dressed as a doctor and you were dressed as a sexy nurse! I followed you around all night and you wouldn't even give me the time of day!"

"Yeah I think I was trying to hook up with Stacy Daniels," Todd said, not noticing the conflict in his own memories. "We got so drunk that night we could barely remember anything else. We remembered you, though."


"Yeah, me, Brianna, and Chloe. We must've given you our number because you wouldn't stop texting us after that. Our roommate Heather thought you were a stalker but we found it kind of charming."

"Oh... yeah..." Jeff seemed confused again but smiled through it. "I guess it was meant to be," he said.

"It really was," Todd replied. He noticed his hand was still on Jeff's shoulder. He found himself staring into his eyes, and a feeling welling up inside him...

"There you are Todd!" a voice came from behind him. He spun around to see Brianna's mom Janice. "What are you doing over here, honey? I know you want to see Jeff but you'll see plenty of him later. We need to finish getting ready!"

"Right! Sorry," he said. How could he be so dumb? He definitely didn't want to hold up Brianna's special day. He turned back to Jeff.

"I'll see plenty of you later!" he said excitedly, following Janice.

Before long they were back in the prop bedroom with the bridal party. Todd's eyes went wide at the sight of Brianna. She looked absolutely radiant in her dress. Bridesmaid Cindy was busy pinning Brianna's veil into her hair, while another bridesmaid, Ashleigh, was zipping Chloe into an identical wedding dress. It was exactly what he'd dreamed of for this day. He took a seat at the vanity table and Tina, the other bridesmaid, came over to do his makeup. He had to get that done before the dress went on, obviously. His eyes drifted to the third, slightly larger garment back that was hanging next to the other two that were already open. He couldn't believe it. Today was really the day he'd been waiting for all his life!

Meanwhile, in the hallway outside, another unsuspecting victim heard a buzz and felt a pinch...

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