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Dice Roll: Mental Identities (Celebrity Edition)
Mental Identities (Celebrity Edition)
2020-12-08You Are What You Wish3
Dice Roll: Mental Identities
Mental Identities
2020-12-08You Are What You Wish3
LCF: Interrupted
Before I can say anything, I hear my phone ring. It's "my" boss...
2020-11-01The Drafting Board12
LCF: Eavesdropping on some girl talk.
I watch some TV
2020-11-01The Drafting Board11
LCF: Expertly done.
Expertly done.
2020-11-01The Drafting Board10
LCF: Keep an eye on my 'daughter'.
Keep an eye on my 'daughter'.
2020-11-01The Drafting Board9
LCF: My "Daughter" comes downstairs.
My "Daughter" comes downstairs
2020-11-01The Drafting Board8
LCF: Headed Downstairs
Headed downstairs.
2020-11-01The Drafting Board7
LCF: Lives
2020-11-01The Drafting Board6
LCF: My Father
My Father
2020-11-01The Drafting Board5
LCF: Remote
2020-11-01The Drafting Board4
LCF: Victoria Smith
Victoria Smith (2)
2020-11-01The Drafting Board3
Dad Joins the Squad2020-09-07You Are What You Wish13
StLLMU: Waves in the Stream
There's always side effects...
2020-08-27You Are What You Wish10
StLLMU: Sarah Finds Jon
It leads to Jon
2020-08-20You Are What You Wish9
The Randoms: Quick Changes
Things get real weird real quick...
2020-07-23The Drafting Board5
The Randoms: Can't Catch a Break
Admiring the view...
2020-07-23The Drafting Board4
The Randoms: Meet Randy Meadows
...a shiftless college dropout who lives with his parents
2020-07-23The Drafting Board3
Ultimate Swapper & other stories2020-06-02The Forum2
Ultimate Swapper: Allie-fied
Assessing things
2020-05-29You Are What You Wish7
Ultimate Swapper: Beyond Swapping
Extended Features
2020-05-23You Are What You Wish6
Ultimate Swapper: Playing Along
The swaps don't stop
2020-05-23You Are What You Wish6
Leonard's Invention: The Ultimate Swapper
Ultimate Swapping Machine
2020-05-21You Are What You Wish5
Hillsburg: Keeping Kayla
Keeping Kayla... for now...
2020-05-09You Are What You Wish23
Reality Altering Machine: Jon the New Neighbor
New Neighbor
2020-05-07You Are What You Wish9
The Ultimate Influencer: Dan the Guinea Pig
John convinces a friend to volunteer...
2020-05-07The Drafting Board4
The Day Logic Broke: Roger gets to school
Taking Roger to school
2020-04-30You Are What You Wish7
Mind-Mirror Mosquitos: John Tries to Catch Up
Meanwhile, back in the basement...
2020-04-30The Drafting Board10
MMM Wedding: Reminiscing
Todd and Jeff reminisce...
2020-04-25The Drafting Board10
The Ultimate Influencer2020-04-18The Drafting Board3
FRLM: Jon's back, but not quite to normal.
An unexpected outcome
2020-04-08You Are What You Wish12
The Randoms: School Daze
School Daze
2020-04-03The Drafting Board5
The Randoms: Changes at the Office
Get Cheered Up
2020-04-02The Drafting Board4
Clonotron 2000: Mike No More
Mike no more...
2020-03-30The Drafting Board6
Clonotron 2000: Josh's Friend Mike
A friend of Josh shows up...
2020-03-29The Drafting Board5
Clonotron 2000: Mom Knows Best
Audrey squeezes the remote in anger, accidentally triggering it. But what were the settings?
2020-03-26The Drafting Board5
The Randoms: Heading to Work office full of employees.
2020-03-24The Drafting Board3
Clonotron 2000: Single Mom, Audrey Robinson
An exhausted but still attractive single mom of two, who could really use some help around the house...
2020-03-07The Drafting Board3
Clonotron 20002020-03-07The Drafting Board2
FRLM: What Remains of Leonard Drullers?
Another Mother
2020-02-22You Are What You Wish12
FRLM: Confronting Leonard
It's Leonard
2020-02-20You Are What You Wish11
Mind Mirror Mosquitos: The Other Half of the Party
Meanwhile, down the hall...
2020-02-13The Drafting Board8
Mind Mirror Mosquitos: Sisters but not (yet) twins
Chloe's mind starts to change
2020-02-13The Drafting Board7
Mind-Mirror Mosquitos: Bridal Buffet
Let's meet the bride
2020-02-03The Drafting Board5
Mind-Mirror Mosquitos: Out Into the World
Are those wedding bells in the distance?
2020-02-03The Drafting Board4
Fusion Remote Life Merge: Dinner and a Plan
Dinner and a Plan
2020-02-02You Are What You Wish10
Fusion Remote Life Merge: Hubby's Home
Hubby's Home
2020-02-01You Are What You Wish9
Fusion Remote: Trying to Focus
Living the Life
2019-12-19You Are What You Wish8
Reality Altering Machine: At Leonard's Mercy
Leonard gives Jon a choice
2019-12-19You Are What You Wish6
Fusion Remote: Merging Jon into a New Life
It's Leonard's Mom!
2019-12-15You Are What You Wish7
Fusion Remote: Life Merge
New Features
2019-12-14You Are What You Wish6
Leonard's Invention: Fusion Remote
Fusion Remote
2019-12-14You Are What You Wish5
Master PC: Mom Number 3
It's Mom - the real Mom
2019-10-27You Are What You Wish16
New Girlfriend: Harsh Truths
Breaking up is hard to do.
2019-10-25You Are What You Wish7
Jon's New Girlfriend: Getting Through the Morning
Getting to School
2019-10-24You Are What You Wish6
Mind-Mirror Mosquitos: Office Conversation
A true connection
2019-08-16The Drafting Board8
Mind-Mirror Mosquitos: New Thoughts Emerge
Confusion comes quick
2019-08-11The Drafting Board6
Mind-Mirror Mosquitos: 'Senioritis' is Contagious
To the office upstairs...
2019-08-10The Drafting Board4
Empathizer: Interrupted
2019-08-08The Drafting Board9
Mind-Mirror Mosquitos2019-08-07The Drafting Board3
Empathizer: A Bit Too Strong (Take 2)
A bit too strong (take 2)
2019-08-06The Drafting Board4
Empathizer: Swept Away
Swept Away
2019-08-05The Drafting Board7
Empathizer: Resisting the Co-eds
2019-08-04The Drafting Board6
Like Minded: Hive-Mind Problems
Hive-Mind Problems
2019-02-25You Are What You Wish33

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