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9. Mind Mirror Mosquitos: Todd be

8. Meanwhile, down the hall...

7. Chloe's mind starts to change

6. Chloe gets bit

5. Let's meet the bride

4. Are those wedding bells in the

3. Mind-Mirror Mosquitos

2. Unstable Universe

1. The Drafting Board

Mind Mirror Mosquitos: Todd begins to change

on 2020-03-30 03:11:57

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Todd thought about it again, "You know what Jeff, it is a lovely wedding."

"Thanks man."

"Brianna's gonna be so happy, we've been dreaming of this since we were kids." Todd said, adjusting his stud earring.

"Rig-I mean she has, we never really talked about weddings I guess, I thought you were a courthouse guy?" Jeff replied.

"Nah, I just said that. I've dreamed of a country wedding like this since forever."

He almost said, "since I was a little girl." why did he think that? that was a weird.

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