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11. Next up... Sarah and Maddie

10. David's First

9. May is pissed


7. A trap door

6. Later

5. Getting Settled

4. Team Meeting

3. Wilderness Camp

2. Camp Yuthokeca

1. The Drafting Board

Maddie has an idea for a trade

on 2020-04-02 18:49:09

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"Well come on David, who's it gonna be? We can't wait all day." May chided.

"Oh give me a break this is to much!" David protested. "You just made me shorter than I've been in years give me a second to process one thing at a time. I'll figure it out after you finish ruining the other three's bodies as well."

"I guess that's fair." May sighed as she walked toward one one of the large cabinets. "But until you decide I'm gonna put it somewhere you can't do anything silly with it. The top shelf over here!" she said as she went on her toes and placed the bottle high up next to an assortment of glassware. Some of which were full as well.

"Wait! What's in those glasses?" Jenny questioned looking in the cabinet. On the same shelf were various bottles different shapes and sizes with an assortment of liquids inside of them.

"No idea. I finally got that old thing open earlier when I found the key in one of the desk drawers. So far I've stayed away from them cause who knows what could be inside. As far as I could tell there is no real ordering system to follow but they all seem assigned a number. Though what they corelate to is anyone's guess. Could be height like Davids bottle, or it could be poisonous for all I know. I figure some of these notes have to be able to to explain them but as you can see its still a bit of a mess." May informed as she closed up the cabinet. "Not worth the risk till we figure it out. Anyway while David has a short time to think to himself who wants to go next. Tim? How about we we take your hair? You wear it a bit long for a boy anyway. Could always take Jenny's muscles maybe get jacked without going to the gym. Always open to suggestions as well, I mean as long as they don't suck."

Maddie spoke up "I've got an idea!"

"Really lets hear it."

"Well.... I mean as long as Sarah doesn't mind. I uhh.... I think it'd be cool if we traded skin tone."

"Skin tone?!? So what I'd be pale like you?" Sarah questioned

"Only if your're OK with that!" Maddie quickly "I just don't go out that often and when I do I don't really tan that well. And naturally you're already darker than me. I thought it would be a fun experience when the sun isn't my enemy."

"I mean I guess it could be interesting to try on a different coat of paint. Why not!" Sarah agreed.

"Really! Great! You can do this right May?"

"Way ahead you you guys." May said at the keyboard. "Go ahead and jump on in the pods and hit the buttons when your're ready." With that Maddie and Sarah excitedly hopped up into the pods.

"Ready when you are Sarah!"

"Lets do this!"

And with that both girl pressed their buttons and the pods slammed shut followed by the mechanical voice, Beginning Transfer. Once more electricity hummed and static sparked out and began to envelop the girls.

Maddie closed her eyes as she felt the static permeate her body. She felt it tingle across every pore of her skin and buzz like a million tiny needles. After what David had said she had expected pain but this was barely unpleasant. In fact it more tickled than anything. The needles only just barely pierced her skin but went no farther. It continued for a moment but almost as soon as it had started the sensation began to drift away as the machine powered down. As it came to and end and she heard the door's open. She held her hand up to her face and slowly opened her eyes.... And gasped at what she saw. Her had had grown many shades darker. She hadn't realized how weird it would look. Years of her mind processing the same skin tone day in and day out and now... now it just seemed wrong. She tried rubbing her hand as if that would be enough to rid it of the color but it stayed. She walked out of the pod hoping for a mirror or something to see her reflection in. As she walked out she saw the faces of the others with a mix of both shock, awe, and concern. Then she turned to see a pasty girl examining herself. "Oh my god Sarah?!?"

"This is defiantly different...." Sarah replied stepping out of the booth and coming over Maddie. They examined each other for a moment before Sarah broke the silence. "This is so weird you still have the same makeup on you had before we switched."

Maddie snorted with laughter. "We switch skin tone and that's what you notice!" after a few seconds of laughing by herself the whole group had a chuckle as well before she pulled herself together. "I don't know about you but this just feel so.... sooo.."

"Wrong!" Sarah blurted out.

"Exactly! Every time I see my hand my brain is telling me it's someone elses and takes a second to register that I have full control over it."

"I know! I hope I get used to it quickly cause its getting really annoying."

"I'm sure it won't take long to get used to. I mean all we have to do is override a lifetime of conditioning."

"Piece of cake!" Sarah smiled.

"Well this was a success." May said interrupting. "Well Tim looks like your the last one. Hope you came up with an idea cause I've got a few." she said grinning like a predator, and Tim didn't like who was the prey.

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