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10. David's First

9. May is pissed


7. A trap door

6. Later

5. Getting Settled

4. Team Meeting

3. Wilderness Camp

2. Camp Yuthokeca

1. The Drafting Board

David Steps Up

on 2020-04-01 18:03:03

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"What no haven't we done enough today. Come on lets just go do our job and come back to this tomorrow." David suggested.

"Sounds like we have a volunteer." May smiled.

"Are you gonna be scared about everything? You're gonna have to do it eventually. Here I'll go first." Sarah volunteered.

"No you're not going to get in that pod first it had sparks, smoke and everything. Fine I'll go first Tim lets go swap something." David said walking to the pods.

"No, no, no. I'm gonna try that command I wanted before you guys messed it up." May interrupted.

"What the one where you reduced your chest size? Whats that gonna do to me I don't have tits."

"I know so we just have to subtract something else. How about we shrink your dick?" May teased.

"No! Anything but that." David gulped.

"Really anything? Well then how about your height Mr. Big and Strong?"

"I mean not that either but I guess between the two.... are there any other options?" he sheepishly replied.

"Oh come on David you got inches to spare. Besides it'll be fun being the tall twin for once." Sarah chided.

"Fine but only a few inches I don't want to end up a midget." he said as he walked into the pod. "Ok. Lets do this." He staring confidently out at them. May typed away at the computer quickly as they watched her enter in a new command line. "Process: (Drain). Entry: (Height). Amount: (.5)......... Awaiting subject."

"Alright I set it for half a foot of height since your the first one. See I'm not that mean" May said as Sarah nodded in confirmation.

'That's not so bad I'll be about as tall as Maddie I think and she's not to short this'll be a new experience.' David thought positively as he pressed the button inside the Pod and The door Slammed shut

Commencing Drain the mechanical voice announced as electricity whirred to life and and much as it did with Jenny static started to flicker across the pod. David wanted to flinch when he felt a tingling begin across his body reaching from his head to his toes, but he didn't. No he wasn't gonna show how concerned he was Sarah was teasing him enough for have logical fears about everything they were doing. He was just gonna take this one like a man. Its 6 inches and besides its only for a day or so.

The static picked up and his body felt like it was being squeezed all around ever so slightly. Like he was being pushed by pillows on all sides and slowly his eye level drifted downwards.

The sensation grew stronger no longer was it pillows but more like rubber. The discomfort grew and eventually made way for sparks of pain. He held it back figuring it was almost done his sight had to of dropped at least 6 inches by now if not at least 5. So he stood still as he continued to shrink.

"Ok guys this is definitely more than 6 inches!" he tried to shout. The feeling was growing more, and more painful as the rubber was replaced with wood. Hard wood pressing him against ever part of his body. He put his hand on the pod door to steady himself as it grew

The static around him grew once more enveloping his body. The pain increased again as he Cried out in pain

Finally when he thought he couldn't take it anymore the pod doors opened and he coughed as smoke poured out of the pod leaving him standing there as Maddie and Jenny rushed up to check on him. He could here Sarah and May arguing in the background. Dazed he tried to clear his throat and answer as they asked him how he felt. "I'm OK now but it felt like I was getting crushed in there. What happened I thought I was only losing half a foot." he replied as he looked Maddie in the eye. "Well maybe it did work if I'm still eye level with you."

"Yea about that... The pod has a raised floor so I think you probably lost more than half a foot. In fact I'm sure of it." Jenny informed him as she pointed downward. David slowly followed her finger to confirm what she had said.

"Well it's not much of a step whats a couple more inches?" He joked hesitantly.

"Sure thing a couple more inches." Jenny said with a fake smile.

'What a terrible poker face.' he thought. 'well lets see how bad it is I'll probably end up as short as her and Tim then." and with that he stepped down and turned his head level with her. Only for his eyes to be barely above level with Jenny's new tits. 'Fuck' he thought as he slowly kept his gaze rising... and rising.

"You guys are huge now!" He exclaimed turning to Maddie only to see she was even higher up than her sister. "We have to change me back now there is no way I'm living as a 5 foot midget."

"I mean its more like 4 and a half feet I'm just barely taller than 5 feet myself." Jenny nervously corrected.

"Also I was thinking about that. When Jenny transferred breasts with May, May got her breasts so they could always swap them back. But for you we just drained the height off." Maddie puzzled.

"Wait so you mean my height disappears?!? That can't happen! Where is it!" David panicked.

"Don't worry about that I have it right here!" May cheered almost jumping with excitement as she approached holding what looked like a tea bottle but the contents didn't quite have the same look. In fact the label had been crossed out with a marker and had the marking ".5 M" on it.

"What do you mean? You aren't any taller. What are you so excited about?" David asked.

"Of course I'm not shorty. Not yet at least." She winked at him. "The machine distilled it down to this. Who would havee thougth a foot and a half would fit and old tea bottle. Also we figured out that's about what you lost. Turns out the machine was set in meters not feet. I guess it makes sense in hindsight whoever built this place was one hell of a scientist. I wonder what it tastes like? How is it a straight ratio for measuring out how many inches is how many sips. What happens if we take more or less than a foot and a half is it more concentrated or does it produce more liquid? Oh man we we're lucky I didn't spill any-" She rambled on before David cut her off.

"Well we can answer all those questions while I drink it so I can get back to my normal height. Hand it over!" David demanded.

"Yea... no!" May replied.

"No what do you mean no! It's my height!"

"Your not using it. Besides what I've read of the notes it makes it pretty clear that you shouldn't change the same thing about yourself more than once every 24 hours. So someone else is gonna have to try it out."

"But... but..."

"But nothing you got to wait anyway might as well let someone else have a turn at being tall. Though since we did take a bit more than we promised you get to choose who gets a taste of the high life" she giggled at her own joke. "Hey if you choose me I'll even give you a couple piggy back rides around camp. That sounds fun right?" After that May laughed to herself again before eagerly looking to him to answer. David looked at each of them in the room and in each of their eyes was visible curiosity and for some a lust for the small tea bottle.

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