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9. May is pissed


7. A trap door

6. Later

5. Getting Settled

4. Team Meeting

3. Wilderness Camp

2. Camp Yuthokeca

1. The Drafting Board

What did I tell you about the condemned cabin?

on 2020-04-01 15:38:38

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"God damn it I told you guys specifically not to do one thing. One thing and sure as shit that's the first thing you kids do." May said emerging from the second pod with a pissed expression on her face. "You're all gonna be in deep trouble for this one once I tell Lana."

"May! What are you doing here? What happened to you your chest is smaller? Did you do this to my sister?!?" Maddie asked in rapid succession.

"I didn't do anything to your sister. I was running and experiment with this equipment and then Jenny here decided it was a good idea to press a glowing red button in a giant metal pod." she sternly said as she walked toward the group. "Get away from the computer! Let me see what you kids did."

"We didn't touch anything I swear. Jenny just accidentally hit that button then everything came to life." Tim assured her. "In fact what were you doing in the other pod? We were poking around here for a few minutes and didn't hear anything. In fact why didn't we notice you in that one? Did you get stuck?"

"Yea! What are you doing down here anyway? Did you build all this?" David asked.

"Oh No! You kids aren't turning this on me! Like I said I was trying to run an experiment down here by myself and in order to do it I needed to use one of the pods and wait for the timer to start the pods on their own." She angrily replied as she sat at the computer and started reading over the code. "There's the problem right there I set the timer for 15 minutes instead of 15 seconds.... stupid coding should have paid more attention to that class in school."

"Wait if you were trying to run an experiment on yourself then why did my boobs get so big? And why are yours small now." Jenny puzzled.

"Hmph! Glad to see you think your chest is small miss early growth spurt. I was trying out the machine and figured I might as well shrink down my size to something more manageable for this Summer."

"Wait these are yours? But they seem so much bigger!"

"Of course they do you're about half a foot shorter than me." May dismissed as she continued to study the screen in front of her as the group huddled behind her. "So it appears when this one..." She waved at Jenny "Hit the second button it took it as transfer instead of just a drain. Darn and I was sure I had it figured out this time. Oh well that's something I'll have to try again after I get you guys sent home."

"Sent home! No way I'm going home especially with the sacks on my chest! Change me back! Lets just hop in the pods again switch back."

"Don't call my breasts "Sacks" little girl. Also we cant switch back, at least not for 24 hours and that's longer than you guys are sticking around for after doing what I warned you not to do."

"What do you mean you can't send us home for that you cant even prove we were here. Besides how are you gonna explain Jenny and you switching breast sizes." Sarah retorted.

"Once I tell Lana that you kids messed around in the condemned cabin after I told you not to she'll send you home real quick. Proof?!? its my word vs the word of you trouble makers and trust me she's gonna take my side. As far as people noticing for some reason nobody notices anything that goes on down here for some reason so everyone is gonna remember Jenny here always being that big, Hell she might get bigger if she's still going through puberty!" May spat back.

"Bigger! But these things are already huge? Besides don't you want them back?" Jenny worried.

"Not gonna lie I'll miss the girls but once I figure out how all this stuff works I can get them back. Now lets get you guys home."

"Wait? Figure this out so you didn't even build this place?" Tim asked

"See and now you're asking to many questions and that's why you need to go. Come on up the ladder." May said shooing them toward the door.

"Come on you can't just get rid of us! Now we know this amazing thing exists we cant just leave it. We can help you learn how everything works. Maybe organize the place." Maddie pleaded as she gestured to the papers scattered about the room. "By the looks of things you need help. I mean you couldn't even set a timer properly."

"And now I do. See! I learn quickly! Besides what could you kids possibly offer? I almost have a Masters."

"I mean I have some coding experience and done the robotics club at school so I can probably help with the computer." Tim spoke up

"I'm real good at organizing so I can get this place set up in a jiffy." Maddie added

"I'm pretty tall and strong so I can help move around a lot of this junk, and I'm not an idiot either." David supplied.

"I just finished AP chem I'm sure that will come in handy translating some of these notes." Sarah chimed.

"And I've got your tits!" Jenny voiced to not be left out.

"Ughhh! Fine! I guess it will be faster with multiple hands even though Some of you bring more to the table than others." she said as she stared at Jenny as the others smiled at the news. "But there are gonna be some rules and I MEAN IT THIS TIME. One slip up from any of you and you're all going home." May said and waited for all of them to nod in agreement."First you don't get to use this room without me knowing! Second I always get to remember how reality is supposed to be. Third when when I tell you to swap back to normal you do it. If i want to make up more rules I get to. And lastly and most importantly DON'T TELL ANYONE ELSE. No one! Not mom, not dad, not grandma, not little billy down the street. Any questions?" after waiting a second and seeing nothing but nods May cracked a smile for the first time in that room. "Good. Now the real help you guys will bring is one thing you can all be, and you know what that is?.............. Guinea Pigs." she said as her smile broadened. The boys and Maddie seemed to tense up a bit at that one, but Jenny and Sarah both cracked a bit of a smile. "So with that out of the way before we head back out and do the tasks I already set for you guys. You four that haven't been in the pods yet are getting in. There are still some tests I wanted to try and now that I have you all we can get them done in a fraction of the time. So who wants to go first?"

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