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2. The Pantyhose transformation

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon is quite the fool

on 2005-02-14 00:04:42
Episode last modified by Kanati on 2023-09-29 14:56:08

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Inanimate Stuck TF

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Jon woke up the next morning. Oh the wonderful things he could do with his new rock. The things he could get, the people he could screw with, the good he could do. John got out of bed and heard his mother complaining about something or other.
"What's she complaining about now?" John grabbed the rock and went into her room. His mother was digging through her dresser in her night gown searching for something. She must be looking for something, Jon thought. He pulled the rock out of his pocket and thought of a way to do some good.
"Gee mom, I wish I could help you with your problem," and with that, the rock began to glow.
"Oh, morning John, it's just I need to find a pair of pantyhose for work today and..." and with that Jon dropped the rock. He looked at his hand as they became transparent. His whole body began to sink to the floor as it turned into nylon. Jon could no longer see, but he could feel. He felt his form sprawled out on the carpet of his mom's room. His hearing was alright, which he thought was amazing because he had no ears.
Oh wait, I just turned into my mother's pantyhose. Damn, John thought, I need to find a way to get back to normal. I wish I wasn't such a good samaritan. But the rock was too far away, and this wish probably wouldn't have done anything anyway.
Jon's mother picked him up and said, "oh, here it is. I would have sworn Jon was just here... hey, what's this?" She asked, picking up the rock. "huh" she said, placing the rock on the dresser.
"It's time to get changed." Jon's mother put Jon on her bed. Jon could hear his mother putting on her clothes, putting on her bra, buttoning her blouse, putting on her panties...
Oh dang, I'm next!

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