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New Story: The Magic Rock Brewery
New Author, New Story
2023-01-08The Forum2
MRB – The Friends Return to the Bar
MRB – Return to the Bar
2023-01-08The Drafting Board15
MRB – The Body Swap Wears Off2023-01-08The Drafting Board14
MRB – Olivia the Tutor2023-01-08The Drafting Board13
MRB – Olivia Has a Date, Two in Fact2023-01-08The Drafting Board12
MRB – Erin Seduces Sean2023-01-08The Drafting Board11
MRB – Erin Models for Sean2023-01-08The Drafting Board10
MRB – Olivia Gives Erin a Makeover2023-01-08The Drafting Board9
MRB – Olivia, Brody and Leonard at Erin’s Apartment2023-01-08The Drafting Board8
MRB – Sean and Erin at Olivia’s Mansion2023-01-08The Drafting Board7
MRB – The Friends Depart2023-01-08The Drafting Board6
MRB – Sean Stands Up for Himself2023-01-08The Drafting Board5
MRB - Erin and Olivia Swap Bodies2023-01-08The Drafting Board4
MRB – They Decide Not to Risk It2023-01-07The Drafting Board16
MRB – The Bartender Provides a Warning2023-01-07The Drafting Board15
MRB – The Fun Continues2023-01-07The Drafting Board14
MRB – Sean and Brody Meet their Friends at the Bar2023-01-07The Drafting Board13
MRB – Brody Needs Something More2023-01-07The Drafting Board12
MRB – Brody Likes the Change2023-01-07The Drafting Board11
MRB – Sean and Brody Transform2023-01-07The Drafting Board10
MRB - Sean Invites Brody to Take Him2023-01-07The Drafting Board9
MRB - Sean Models for Brody2023-01-07The Drafting Board8
MRB - Sean Leaves with Brody2023-01-07The Drafting Board7
MRB - Sean Likes Being the Center of Attention2023-01-07The Drafting Board6
MRB - Sean's Friends Don't Recognize Him2023-01-07The Drafting Board5
MRB – Sean and Shauna Return to the Bar2023-01-07The Drafting Board13
MRB – Sean Makes a Woman out of Shauna2023-01-07The Drafting Board12
MRB – Shauna, Meet Sean2023-01-07The Drafting Board11
MRB – Sean Flirts with Shauna2023-01-07The Drafting Board10
MRB – Sean Goes Home… But Not Emptyhanded2023-01-07The Drafting Board9
MRB – Sean is in Love with Himself2023-01-07The Drafting Board8
MRB - Sean's Transformation Escalates2023-01-07The Drafting Board7
MRB – Sean Gets a Surge of Confidence2023-01-07The Drafting Board6
MRB - Sean's Friends Saw the Transformation2023-01-07The Drafting Board5
MRB – An Anime Harem Walks Into a Bar2023-01-07The Drafting Board15
MRB – Kitty Becomes Sex Kitten, Erin Gets a Reward2023-01-07The Drafting Board14
MRB – Leonard Becomes Kitty2023-01-07The Drafting Board13
MRB – Vixen Becomes Cruel2023-01-07The Drafting Board12
MRB – Sexy Chaos Ensues at the Convention2023-01-07The Drafting Board11
MRB – They Go to a Sci-Fi Convention2023-01-07The Drafting Board10
MRB – Level Up!2023-01-07The Drafting Board9
MRB – Not Your Typical Superheroes2023-01-07The Drafting Board8
MRB – They Travel to Erin’s Place2023-01-07The Drafting Board7
MRB – Brody Becomes Virago2023-01-07The Drafting Board6
MRB – Not Just Any Anime Girl. Vixen!2023-01-07The Drafting Board5
MRB - Sean Becomes His Own Fantasy2023-01-07The Drafting Board4
MRB - Sean Becomes an Anime Girl2023-01-07The Drafting Board4
MRB - Friends, Chapter One - Fantasy IPA
MRB - Fantasy IPA
2023-01-07The Drafting Board3
The Magic Rock Brewery2023-01-07The Drafting Board2

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