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Member since 2008-08-12 19:31:40

hi there.

I hope you enjoy my stories and contributions. Please consider up voting so I can have a guide on what to focus on. Feedback appreciated

Recent Comments
Just a Harpy
A harpy girl is made
2024-05-28The Drafting Board2
The Shifting Coin
A coin in flux
2024-05-23The Drafting Board2
A broken Telepod
Game of hide and seek goes wrong
2024-05-11The Drafting Board3
An interdimensional friend
Jeremy and Eliza the snake girl
2024-05-10The Drafting Board3
How did I become a part of this?
Changes are still happening?
2024-04-12The Drafting Board3
Blue Moon: The new moon bursts into life
The magical moon
2024-04-08The Drafting Board4
The D-noculars
The Dimension binoculars
2024-04-06The Drafting Board3
Aliens: Glimfar The school girl
Glimfar arrives on Earth!
2024-04-01The Drafting Board3
Magical girls: New princess and Eva's past
Who was Eva?
2024-04-01The Drafting Board12
Multimensional spaces...
Earth has Nexus dimensions
2024-03-31The Drafting Board2
Unexpected Changes: Taken over by a demon
Lilabeth and Beth
2024-03-30The Drafting Board5
Jon the entirely normal girl: Michelle’s egg-ducation
Michelle and Trevor
2024-03-23You Are What You Wish9
Unexpected changes: Lilabeth the demon-girl
Brian's character comes to life
2024-01-26The Drafting Board4
Unexpected Transformations: William is transformed.
Lady Selisha the Dragon pays a visit...
2023-12-19The Drafting Board10
Unexpected Changes: Bruce the Mouse-boy
Bruce is too cool for school
2023-12-18The Drafting Board3
Reality warpers: Why me?
An accountant to save the world?
2023-12-13The Drafting Board3
Reality Warpers: The world is different?
One sane man in an insane world...
2023-12-11The Drafting Board2
Myths on Earth: New exchange student
A student from the other world joins a school
2023-11-16The Drafting Board3
Very bored Aliens
Aliens take note of humans
2023-10-26The Drafting Board2
Shifters universe
A world without Allergies
2023-10-23The Drafting Board2
Reincarnated Villainess: Cosmic Detective
A detective looks into a villainess's past
2023-09-28The Drafting Board8
A few weird changes
A look at a few weird changes
2023-09-27The Drafting Board6
The accident
What can go wrong with magic?
2023-09-22The Drafting Board5
A magic book found?
James meets a new friend
2023-09-21The Drafting Board4
Rejected from Magic school
James tried and failed to get into a magical school
2023-09-20The Drafting Board3
Schools of Magic
Secret schools of Magic
2023-09-20The Drafting Board2
Unexpected Transformations: Meeting a dragon girl...
Dating a sphinx and meeting a dragon
2023-09-17The Drafting Board9
Grey Metamorphic Water: First flight
Flying for the first time
2023-09-17The Drafting Board6
Wonderlocket: A Student Teacher
A new teacher brightens a school
2023-09-16The Drafting Board3
dimensional gun: The reality police turn up
Motherhood is beautiful!
2023-09-05The Drafting Board8
Queen of Darkness arise!
Wait.. I'm the villainess?
2023-08-28The Drafting Board7
Grey Metamorphic water: You wanna get High?
Small transformations to fly with... nothing can go wrong.
2023-08-28The Drafting Board5
Metamorphic water: a strange power?
A squirrel girl’s gift
2023-08-22The Drafting Board13
The demon's catch up to Bill
Demon imps can be such a pain
2023-08-13The Drafting Board6
A magical girl undoes the damage
A stitch in reality
2023-08-07The Drafting Board5
We need a hero!
Where's a hero when you need one
2023-08-06The Drafting Board4
A magical girl comic
Bill learns about a silly comic...
2023-08-06The Drafting Board3
The most cliche start ever
Good vs Evil, Law vs Chaos
2023-08-06The Drafting Board2
Metamorphic Water: Meeting other changed
Reflecting on new bodies
2023-07-22The Drafting Board12
Metamorphic Water: It's just a Fad
Grey Market Goods
2023-07-22The Drafting Board4
Metamorphic water: Company lost
A bit of help
2023-07-10The Drafting Board11
Unexpected Transformations: A lightbulb moment
What caused the initial changes?
2023-07-10The Drafting Board8
Q-Net: another magical girl?
Secret identity
2023-06-23The Drafting Board4
Q-Net: Making Money
What kind of jobs would the Alien Internet offer?
2023-06-21The Drafting Board3
Metamorphic water: Some new clothes
Something fit for a squirrel?
2023-06-14The Drafting Board10
Metamorphic water: Freak Street
Anthony finds a new community
2023-06-11The Drafting Board9
Dimensional Gun: Fractured world
Adrians not a bad guy
2023-06-11The Drafting Board7
Multidimensional gun: Unexpected changes
The times they are changing
2023-06-03The Drafting Board7
Mulidimensional gun: Nothing to worry about
Obsessive a bit?
2023-06-03The Drafting Board6
Multi-Dimensional Gun: Eggciting Adventure!
A nature world?
2023-06-02The Drafting Board5
Multi-dimensional gun: The adventures of Mike and Robin
Mike learns about the magic gun
2023-06-01The Drafting Board4
The Multi-dimensional portal gun
A gun that takes you to any universe
2023-06-01The Drafting Board3
Metamorphic Waters: The Black Market
Black market products of Metamorphic Water
2023-05-10The Drafting Board3
metamorphic water: Day One - Squirrel-girl
Anthony starts her new day
2023-05-09The Drafting Board8
Unexpected Transformations: You're a wizard Steven
Magical abiliy gained... somehow.
2023-04-18The Drafting Board7
Metamorphic water: Recovery
Anthony goes home to his new life
2023-04-14The Drafting Board7
Unexpected Transformations: A strange ability
If magic is real...
2023-04-13The Drafting Board6
Unexpected Transformation: Investigations
Steven the outsider...
2023-04-08The Drafting Board5
Unexpected Transformation: Steven meets Luke
Luke is also investigating the strange event
2023-04-07The Drafting Board4
Body Shop: Powers?
Angel's power over Barry
2023-04-06The Drafting Board17
Metamorphic water: A cute new animal girl
Anthony's life goes a bit nuts
2023-04-05The Drafting Board6
Magical girls: meeting magic mom
Castle of dreams
2023-04-02The Drafting Board11
Unexpected transformations: The unchanged.
An outsider's perspective
2023-03-30The Drafting Board3
Nanites: Jayden makes contact
"Hi I'm now an omnipotent nerd..."
2023-03-24The Drafting Board7
Metamorphic water: Accident
An accident involving Metamorphic water? Uh oh.
2023-03-24The Drafting Board5
metamorphic water: Hostile takeover
Nothing personal, just buisness
2023-03-22The Drafting Board4
Magical girls: Trying to save Terry
My first Magical girl fight!
2023-03-19The Drafting Board10
Warp Mirror: Ben the Harpy-girl
Who is Belle?
2023-03-18The Drafting Board5
Warp Mirror: A new world
Two teens find the mirror and end up in new lives
2023-03-14The Drafting Board4
The Warp Mirror
Another item in the junk pile
2023-03-13The Drafting Board3
Metamorphic Waters: A Harpy gets fired
A top manager has to fire a new harpy
2023-03-10The Drafting Board3
Magical Water causing transformations
A new discovery changes the history of Earth
2023-03-09The Drafting Board2
Magical girl: The protector of Humanity
What side am I on?
2023-01-06The Drafting Board9
Nanite control
The nanite failsafe activates
2022-12-25The Drafting Board6
Magical Girl: Mistaken Identity
Eva tries to talk to the magical girl
2022-12-23The Drafting Board8
Body shop: Angel's Room
What Angel wants from Barry
2022-12-08The Drafting Board16
Nano-Tech: Jenny isn't happy
Jenny examines her new body and steven changes
2022-12-04The Drafting Board5
Magical girls: Risu helps Maya
setting up a new magical girl
2022-12-04The Drafting Board7
New Fairy: First day home
Elly the fairy has her first night
2022-12-01The Drafting Board6
Magical girls: Clinging to my old life
James tries to work in disguise
2022-11-30The Drafting Board6
Magical girl: My Squirrel companion
James gets some help (alt path)
2022-11-20The Drafting Board5
New fairy: Living arrangements
Elle's new house
2022-11-13The Drafting Board5
New Fairy: Family meets up
Edward's family meet up
2022-11-12The Drafting Board4
Unexpected Transformation: Medusa
Treating a depressed Medusa
2022-11-12The Drafting Board3
Unexpected Transformation: Fairy!
One turned into a fairy
2022-11-11The Drafting Board3
Unexplained Transformation Event
One classroom changes forever...
2022-11-11The Drafting Board2
Magical Girls: The Crisis
The value of one...
2022-11-11The Drafting Board8
A demon going to school
MIra integrates herself as the littlest sister
2022-11-10The Drafting Board4
Magical girls: Jigsaw of reality
What is reality?
2022-11-09The Drafting Board7
Magical girls: Magic Girl Justice
James meets the other magical girl...
2022-10-30The Drafting Board6
Portals: Martin attempts an experiment
A quantum Crystal experiment
2022-10-29The Drafting Board5
Body Shop: Angels Party
Keith Schrodinger's Cat
2022-10-27The Drafting Board15
Another Magical girl?
James learns there are other magical girls
2022-10-26The Drafting Board5
Q-Net: The New Internet is born
A fully operational Intergelactic Internet
2022-10-22The Drafting Board2
I became a princess?
Torch passes to a new magical girl
2022-10-19The Drafting Board4
Guide to Magic Girl
What harm can a video tape do?
2022-10-17The Drafting Board3
The strange magic seller
Magic items for sale at an anime convention
2022-10-16The Drafting Board2
what about Steven?
Steven has also gained some hidden changes
2022-09-26The Drafting Board5
Hidden changes
Two swap gender …
2022-09-22The Drafting Board4
Three kids in a ship
Three kids play with some weird stones…
2022-09-22The Drafting Board3

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