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hi there.

I hope you enjoy my stories and contributions. Please consider up voting so I can have a guide on what to focus on. Feedback appreciated

Adaptive adoption: The broken robot
Something else is found on the ship
2020-09-21The Drafting Board17
Camera of the future: Two guys find it
Two teens find the weird camera
2020-08-14The Drafting Board3
Camera of the future
Weird alien camera
2020-08-14The Drafting Board2
Mist: Playground of the changed
Breech of the temple
2020-07-18You Are What You Wish41
Delayed Magic Girl: The Four heroines
and a 5th magic girl?
2020-07-10The Drafting Board2
Mist: A deal?
Dealing with a mob boss
2020-06-15You Are What You Wish40
Mist: A sphinx in love?
well that's awkward.
2020-04-12You Are What You Wish39
D.I.Y. Dullahan: Library Assignment
In the library
2020-03-23The Drafting Board16
Mist: Changing relationships
Biff is useful to someone
2020-02-15You Are What You Wish38
D.I.Y. Dullahan: First day of school
What is school like as a Dullahan?
2020-01-27The Drafting Board14
Mist: Elliot's Demise
The mist touches Elliot
2020-01-12You Are What You Wish37
Adaptive adoption: Two worlds one school
The day continues
2020-01-01The Drafting Board15
Mist: A football game of the ages.
Biff uses her power again
2019-12-27You Are What You Wish36
Mist: I sphinx its time for sports!
The pun-ishment is neverending
2019-12-03You Are What You Wish35
Mist: A weird day
Sarah is a werewolf?
2019-11-17You Are What You Wish33
Mist: you're just sick, you're not in love
What's that horrible itch?
2019-10-27You Are What You Wish32
Adaptive adoption: Twisty ways of fate
Things get so complicated
2019-10-15The Drafting Board13
Arcade Anomaly: Advanced Technology
The clockwork tries to help
2019-10-08You Are What You Wish64
Adaptive adoption: The class finds out
Now everyone knows...
2019-07-28The Drafting Board11
Mist: Biff invited to dinner
Biff is invited to dinner.. shady people watching
2019-07-21You Are What You Wish31
Arcade Anomaly: Jon's slow recovery
Jon continues to recover
2019-06-23You Are What You Wish62
Mist: Retake of the return home
Things are mostly the same
2019-05-13You Are What You Wish30
Mist: sarah's new world
The mist takes Sarah
2019-04-28You Are What You Wish31
catgirl world: Tasha the Cat-spirit.
A strange spirit encounter
2019-04-16You Are What You Wish15
Adaptive adoption: Greg finds out
Dennis spills the beans
2019-04-12The Drafting Board10
Arcade Anomaly: Knowledge of the Ancients
What use is knowledge if unused..
2019-04-07You Are What You Wish61
Mist: reality changes
Things are different
2019-04-04You Are What You Wish30
My sister is a demon
Two brothers to three sisters.
2019-03-20The Drafting Board3
Mist: Getting back home
Biffs strange power...
2019-03-17You Are What You Wish29
Katie the cat-girl
The cat-girls decide to go to hospital
2019-01-28The Drafting Board4
I can be Any-Body.
Lucy comes up with an idea
2019-01-27The Drafting Board10
An unexpected transformation
Human to cat, cat to human
2019-01-22The Drafting Board3
Start: A human and his cat..
The story starts with an average guy and his feline pet.
2019-01-22The Drafting Board2
Two brothers and a demon
The demon is summoned
2019-01-07The Drafting Board2
Aliens on Earth
Aliens are too alien
2018-12-27The Drafting Board2
Mist: Home of the Giants
Learning about Giant country
2018-12-24You Are What You Wish27
adaptive adoption: First day of School
Dennis prepares for Scott's day
2018-12-04The Drafting Board9
Mist: exploring the new world
A big problem
2018-11-11You Are What You Wish26
catgirl World: Sleeping or trying to
What to do...
2018-11-06You Are What You Wish14
The Old Manor: Moving in.
William's family gets a new house!
2018-10-31The Drafting Board2
Mist: Stuck going home
Andrew gets stuck
2018-09-30You Are What You Wish25
Adaptive Adoption: New day in a new life
Some dream, others live
2018-09-24The Drafting Board8
Jon's date with Biff.. and a rabbit's tricks retakes
Retake on rabbit tricks
2018-08-15You Are What You Wish24
Mist: The Rabbit-girl's tricks
Alice shows her trick...
2018-08-12You Are What You Wish24
Mist: Jon speaks to Mikey and Biff
Talking to the changed
2018-07-23You Are What You Wish23
Adaptive Adoption: Why am I a girl!
Scott asks why she's a girl now
2018-07-21The Drafting Board6
Whims of Chaos: Strike the demon fox
The world reacts against Michelle
2018-06-17You Are What You Wish24
Catgirl World: training to be a cat.
training to be a cat
2018-06-16You Are What You Wish12
MIST: Biff gets her wings checked.
Wings examined
2018-06-03You Are What You Wish22
Whims of chaos: are we the bad guys?
Alex questions the situation
2018-06-03You Are What You Wish23
Scott meets his friend Dennis.
Now Scott meets Dennis
2018-05-28The Drafting Board4
Dennis's new computer
a new electronic girlfirend
2018-05-14The Drafting Board4
MIST: Tea with Collins
A cup of tea to relax
2018-05-13You Are What You Wish21
Dennis enters the bar
A man walks into a bar... and meets a demon
2018-04-28The Drafting Board3
Start: The Secret Bar
A bar between worlds to start a story.
2018-04-28The Drafting Board2
The Box
The Magic Box starts.
2018-04-22The Drafting Board2
Scott visits his uncle first
Scots uncle is a bit of a conspiracy theorist..
2018-04-19The Drafting Board3
Scott Meet's Harry
A friend of Scot found some alien technology
2018-04-14The Drafting Board3
The Book of Changes: A new Owner.
A magic book that changes reality...
2018-04-10The Drafting Board2
Whims of Chaos: A knight needs a steed
Michelle has another thought
2018-04-03You Are What You Wish22
Mist: Biff's encounter
Small accident with the car
2018-04-03You Are What You Wish20
Whims of Chaos: Goddess Judgement
Michelle learns some new powers
2018-03-19You Are What You Wish21
Arcade Anomaly: Calie's world turned upside down
An upside down world
2018-03-12You Are What You Wish60
Arcade Anomaly: Jen gets some coffee
Jen and Maggie chat about families
2018-02-18You Are What You Wish58
Arcade Anomaly: I-5483113 gets some maintenance2018-02-17You Are What You Wish57
MIST: Biff Gets some counselling (corrected placement)2018-02-17You Are What You Wish19
Whims of Chaos: Michelle's limit
Michelle's limit
2018-02-11You Are What You Wish20
2018-02-05The Forum4
hello!2018-02-02The Forum4
Ah memories2017-08-01The Forum3
Whims of Chaos: Miracles of magic?
Michelle decides to be a goddess
2017-07-29You Are What You Wish19
Mist: Classroom dynamics
differences of experiences
2017-07-23You Are What You Wish17
Catgirl world - sieblings make up
Lucy has a sense of humour too
2017-07-13You Are What You Wish11
Story ownership2017-07-06The Forum5
Hmm2017-07-06The Forum3
Mist: Meeting the new class2017-07-03You Are What You Wish16
Mist: First day in class2017-07-02You Are What You Wish15
Whims of Chaos: Who created the stone?
A fairy talks to herself
2017-06-30You Are What You Wish18
Arcade Anomaly: Machine based ethics (alternative take)
Retake on ideas
2017-06-22You Are What You Wish55
Arcade Anomaly: Not what it seems...
What I say and what I mean is different!
2017-06-19You Are What You Wish55
Come on...
2017-06-14The Forum6
seconded2017-06-13The Forum5
Catgirl world - Headmaster's office
To the headmaster's office
2017-06-11You Are What You Wish9
Arcade Anomaly: Exploring the Alien city
Kevin explores the alien moon city
2017-06-10You Are What You Wish53
Hehe2017-06-05The Forum6
Confused2017-06-05The Forum4
Complicated2017-06-04The Forum4
Arcade Anomaly: Kevin's discovery
Kevin also finds something new?
2017-06-04You Are What You Wish51
Catgirl world - Tabitha in class2017-05-28You Are What You Wish7
Arcade Anomaly: Cat-girls play rough
what to with a few scratches...
2017-05-16You Are What You Wish49
2017-05-15The Forum3
MYST: Biff's back2017-05-07You Are What You Wish14
Whims of Chaos: Release the magic
Time to bring back the magic
2017-05-07You Are What You Wish17
Arcade Anomaly: Kevin continues to change
Kevin's changes continue
2017-05-01You Are What You Wish48
Arcade Anomaly: The spider Alchemist
The spider-alchemist
2017-04-29You Are What You Wish47
hehe2017-04-23The Forum5
Arcade Anomaly: Kevin's odd experience
Kevin's new hairdo
2017-04-23You Are What You Wish46
Arcade Anomaly: The clubhouse
Diana is invited to a clubhouse...
2017-04-16You Are What You Wish44
MYST: Biff's new life2017-04-01You Are What You Wish13
MYST: The young Harpy2017-03-28You Are What You Wish12


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