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Being Aggressive
Fighting Spirit
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming51
Eiko Trying His Best
Eiko Vs. E-san
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming50
A Surprisingly Good Start
Keisuke's Round
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming49
Totally Cheating
Devil Team
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming48
Destroying Tetsu Village
Second Stage
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming47
Getting Ready for the Next Stage
Meeting Suzie
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming46
Taking in the Scrolls
Passing Easily
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming45
The First Stage
First Stage
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming44
Travelling Over
Chunin Exams
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming43
Settling a Huge Grudge
Fighting Chihiro
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming42
End of Ceremony
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming41
Chihiro Crashes the Party
Chihiro In the House
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming40
Their Ceremony
Juro and Akita
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming39
The Ceremony Completed
Waking Up
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming38
Taking it Slow
Cold Feet
2022-11-19The Future of Gaming37
Toryƍ Ni Hitasu Ceremony
Akita and Natsuji
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming36
Wishes, Well and Ill
Some Progress
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming35
Efude Naderu Yoru Ceremony
The Fitting
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming34
A Marriage
A Tradition
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming33
Fighting for Love
Marriage Proposal
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming32
A Rival in the Clan
Clan Mission 10
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming31
What's in a Name
Mission Aftermath
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming30
The Blame Game
Clan Meeting
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming29
The Fall of the Elder
Kazuya Returns
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming28
A Boss Fight
The Elder
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming27
Saving Kazuya
Clan Mission 9
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming26
Saving Haruka
Clan Mission 8
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming25
Haters Gonna Hate
Clan Mission 6 and 7
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming24
A Mission Send Off
Yasu Leaves
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming23
Cousin Dispute
Clan Mission 5
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming22
Return Trip
Clan Mission 4
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming21
The Gin City Life
Clan Mission 3
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming20
Akaime Ambush
Clan Mission 2
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming19
Hostile Crowd
Clan Warfare
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming18
Reporting In
Akaime Activity
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming17
The Refugees
Clan Mission 1
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming16
Ninja Family2022-11-16The Future of Gaming15
Ninja Escorts
Clan Village
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming14
Ninja Rescue
Kirume Clan
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming13
Killing Ninjas
Escaping Justice
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming12
Disgruntled Ninja
Akaime Clan
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming11
Doing My Best
Genin Exams
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming10
Meeting Others
The Crossroad
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming9
Now in Nabari
Independent Ninja
2022-11-16The Future of Gaming8
End of the Ride
Final Stop
2022-11-12The Future of Gaming7
A Dumbass Pair of AEP Units
Sequence Breaking
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming238
Lose the Race, Win the War
Total Victory
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming237
Laying Down the Law
Rookie Cop
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming236
Travelling Out
Assault Magnetic
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming235
Getting Readyt to Sortie
War Rally
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming234
Planning a Hit
06-002's Group
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming233
Removing Balls2022-11-10The Future of Gaming232
Adding Balls2022-11-10The Future of Gaming231
Total Vacuum
06-003's Group
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming230
Hearing Their Plans
Just Following
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming229
Looking at them Closer
Kids in the Clan
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming228
Drawing From the Classics
Naming Them
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming227
06660's Stable of Children
More Halfbreeds
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming226
Mason's Legacy
Fair Trade
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming225
R.I.P. Mason
The Funeral
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming224
Battle Aftermath
The Battlefield
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming223
Their Private Meeting
War Plans
2022-11-10The Future of Gaming222
Zoology Department
2022-11-07The Drafting Board4
Threats Eliminated
End of Crisis
2022-11-06The Future of Gaming221
Another Fighter
Unit 05470
2022-11-06The Future of Gaming220
In the Dining Hall
Finding Help
2022-11-06The Future of Gaming219
PEP Assassin
Unit 04700
2022-11-06The Future of Gaming218
Return to Campus
Escaping Clan Building
2022-11-06The Future of Gaming217
A Clear Betrayal
At War
2022-11-06The Future of Gaming216
The New Magnetic Clan
Magnetic Clan
2022-11-06The Future of Gaming215
The New Wind Clan
Wind Clan
2022-11-06The Future of Gaming214
Stacy and Orange
His Girlfriend
2022-11-06The Future of Gaming213
Real Rhombus
My Looks
2022-11-04The Drafting Board15
Back to the Base Camp
Naga Tribe
2022-11-04The Drafting Board14
Green Fighting Machine
Warrior Woman
2022-11-04The Drafting Board13
Sotaris Cums
My Turn Now
2022-11-04The Drafting Board12
Claiming the Beta
Heat Sex
2022-11-04The Drafting Board11
Shooing Competition
Help Zalyx
2022-11-04The Drafting Board10
Winning My Fight
2022-11-04The Drafting Board9
Avoiding the Dangers
Holding Ground
2022-11-04The Drafting Board8
Omega Heat
2022-11-04The Drafting Board7
Omega Male Snakes
Twin Nagas
2022-11-04The Drafting Board6
My Survival
2022-11-04The Drafting Board5
A New World
2022-11-04The Drafting Board4
Another Month to Wait
Duchy Tourney
2022-11-03The Drafting Board25
Getting Through
The Tournament
2022-11-03The Drafting Board24
Pros and Cons
The Downsides
2022-11-02The Drafting Board12
A Whole New Body
Profession Pass
2022-11-02The Drafting Board11
Bluffing Beverly
No Dice
2022-11-02The Drafting Board10
Bonding over Breakfast
2022-11-02The Drafting Board9
Zoey Is Angry
Parental Guidance
2022-11-02The Drafting Board8
The Next Day
2022-11-02The Drafting Board7
Kids in the Clan2022-10-21The Future of Gaming232
Drenor, Lindon and Zamir
Naming Them
2022-10-21The Future of Gaming231
Kids With 06660
More Halfbreeds
2022-10-21The Future of Gaming230
Killing AEP Units
End of the Fight
2022-10-21The Future of Gaming229
Hacking to the Rescue
Big Remote
2022-10-21The Future of Gaming228
Friend Dessertion
Allies All Gone
2022-10-21The Future of Gaming227
Syndicate Evacuation
Goons Die
2022-10-21The Future of Gaming226
Crashing the Meeting
Toxic Clan War
2022-10-21The Future of Gaming225

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