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2. Reality-Altering Laser Katana

1. The Drafting Board

Reality-Altering Laser Katana

on 2018-03-03 05:16:00
Episode last modified by JDRiley on 2021-04-29 04:18:52

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You have received a mysterious gift, no return address of a Katana capable of altering reality itself.

The katana, in its incognito mode, is essentially a hilt with a rotary dial, a red button and no blade. However, pressing the red button will cause time to freeze, and a blade to come out. Depending on the setting (as determined by the rotary dial), it will glow a specific colour, and any cuts made to something will also glow that same colour until time starts again. Press the red button again, and any changes made with the katana will instantly become reality. Hold down the red button in either mode to undo all the changes you have made to reality.

Once the blade slices through something, it will remain attached to the person in the new reality unless you move it whilst time is stopped, at which point it will be treated as a separate part of the person. Anyone modified by the katana will immediately adapt to their modifications (ie, removing someone's arms will give them additional dexterity in their legs, feet and any other parts). Any cuts made can be undone by pushing the two glowing parts of the cut together in reality change mode.

White - Standard detachment mode. If a cut made by the blade isn't separated, the new reality will have the person be able to detach at that point (ie, if you slice through someone's neck, but don't separate the head from the body, the person will gain the ability to remove and reattach their head at will).
Green - Sentience mode. Any cuts will give a part not attached to the brain a mind and personality of their own. The affected part's personality will be similar, if not identical to the person it has been detached from. If it is not moved, the part will remain attached to the person, still with its own mind and personality, but will be able to communicate psychically with the person it's attached to.
Purple - Vanishing mode. One side of the blade will glow a deep purple in this mode, and when time is started again, the side which the glow was pointing towards will disappear (ie, if you were to cut off someone's arm and the glowing side of the blade was pointing towards their hand, the arm would disappear once time has restarted). This setting can also be used to make separate parts disappear by merely stabbing them. Stabbing someone in this mode will not make them disappear, but they will become invisible.
Blue - Duplication mode. Moving an affected part will cause a duplicate to appear, which can be reattached to the person you used the katana on, or to something else. Stabbing someone in this mode will give them the ability to create duplicates of themselves. If a cut made by the blade is not separated, the person will gain the ability to split into whole duplicates taking up the mass of the separated part (ie, if you cut someone's arm off, but don't separate the part, the person will split into a slightly smaller clone, and a clone around the same size as the arm)
Yellow - Replacement mode. One side of the blade will glow yellow in this mode, and the part it is pointing towards will be able to be replaced by another object, or even another body part. When you start time again, everything will return to normal, except the body part you replaced will take on the traits of the object or body part you replaced it with (ie, if you replace someone's feet with hands, their feet will become as dextrous as their hands).
Pink - Stretch mode. Moving an affected part will not detach them from the body, but instead create a new patch of flesh connecting them to the original owner, which can be as long as desired for the user, and will remain at that fixed length in the new reality. If a part is not moved, the person will be able to elongate that part at will. Stabbing someone in this mode will give them full-on stretching powers.
Orange - Size mode. Parts do not detach in this mode, but pulling on them will cause them to grow, and pushing on them will cause them to shrink, maintaining their proportions. Stabbing someone using this mode is dependent on what happens next - pulling the sword out will grant them size-shifting powers. Turning the sword clockwise will make them grow, while turning the sword counter-clockwise will make them shrink, but they will remain fixed at that new size once the sword is pulled out.
Red - Gore mode. Functions similarly to standard detachment mode, except all cuts will be open wounds, and will give the wielder of the katana the ability to pull out internal muscles, bones, organs, etc. Any natural blood that comes out whilst time is stopped will be cleaned up once you start time again.


  1. The blade can only be accessed while time is frozen.
  2. Only one setting of the katana can be accessed at a time.
  3. Try to add at least one paragraph of writing
  4. No prematurely ending the story.
  5. Try thinking outside the box when making an addition.
  6. Don't add anything too explicit (I'll make some exceptions for stuff where the katana is in gore mode)

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