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8. little fun

7. Tarting Things Up (2)

6. Cosmetic changes

5. An opportunity to experiment?

4. Out to town

3. A new way to control the rock

2. They each sleep on it

1. You Are What You Wish

no consequences

on 2014-01-05 15:40:42

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He looked at the asian whore and said.
"Finaly, I would say I wish that you'd give me a free blowjob as your two friends will make up in front of me right here right now."
"Kay." Say the girl as she stay sit and start unzipping his pants.

To avoid any trouble Jon make another wish.
"I wish until I leave, everything sexual won't be noticed."

"You said som'thing ?" Say the whore.

"Nothing relevant, I just wish because I'm a nice guy you let me cum on your face and you'll wash your face in the bathroom." He says

"Of course." Says the girl and she start sucking him off.
In front of him her two friends are kissing and fondling in the middle of the restaurant.

IBut as he enjoy the spectacle, he notice someone coming in, it's Karyn.

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