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7. Tarting Things Up (2)

6. Cosmetic changes

5. An opportunity to experiment?

4. Out to town

3. A new way to control the rock

2. They each sleep on it

1. You Are What You Wish

A Trio of Cheap Whores

avatar on 2010-08-18 21:44:59

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How far can I go before things get noticed? he wondered.

Even if his wishes were concealed, his face wasn't. The tall girl had noted the mesmerized look on Jon's face. She wheeled on him, evidently cross at being stared at. The girl got up from her chair, and marched angrily over to where Jon sat.

"And what exactly are you staring at?" she demanded, glaring venomously at him. Jon went through a moment of confusion, then irritation. After all, he had only been looking at her. "Haven't you seen girls having breakfast before?" she continued. Jon closed his eyes to concentrate for a moment.
"Will you look at me when I'm talking to you?" demanded the Asian girl, growing even more impatient.

Jon's irritation flared into action. "I wish ..." he began. "... that until the next time you leave this building, you and your two friends would become a trio of cheap whores, just back from a night's work, and are checking me out as a potential customer." The Asian girl had just enough time to look surprised before her clothing and whole demeanor changed. Fishnet stockings were added to her already-shortened skirt, and carefully applied heavy makeup appeared. Over her shoulder, Jon could see her two friends similarly transformed in appearance and posture - more world-weary and uncaring about their surroundings.

"Like what you see?" the taller girl asked, smirking. "I don't mind showing you more, if you're looking for company ..."

Despite himself, Jon flushed red. "Um, well, uh ... I don't know ... I ..."

The Asian girl looked at him appraisingly. "Whatever," she muttered, rolling her eyes, and returned to her colleagues.

But then Jon said "Okay."

She spun back around and flashed a smile. "All of us, or just me?" she asked.

It was like a fantasy come true. He could turn anyone into anything. And now since he had a way around any wishing problems, he could do anything he wanted without any consequences.

Jon looked up at the Asian whore and said ...

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