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6. Cosmetic changes

5. An opportunity to experiment?

4. Out to town

3. A new way to control the rock

2. They each sleep on it

1. You Are What You Wish

Cosmetic changes

on 2001-06-23 13:02:51

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Jon focused his attention on the girl in the black trousers. Something minor to start with, he thought. "I wish that her trousers would change into a micro-skirt until I willed them back" he whispered. He couldn't help but stare as the loose trousers retreated up her legs, shrinking into a barely-decent black skirt.

John gulped. Here was the stuff of his fantasies made real, alright "“ and as long as he worded things correctly, there would be no adverse consequences. To reassure himself, he allowed the girl's trousers to change back. Emboldened when it did so, he wished it again into an equally short bright red skirt. Another whisper sent the brunette's hair electric pink while the cute one soon wore a clinging white mini-dress.

"How far can I go before things get noticed?" he wondered. Even if his wishes were concealed, his face wasn't "“ the tall girl had noted the mesmerized look on Jon's face.

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