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8. "Extra arms!"

7. She wants to use the katana on

6. Tell her the truth

5. Cousin Lucy

4. At home

3. Jason McCormick, 18

2. Reality-Altering Laser Katana

1. The Drafting Board

Handy Lucy

on 2018-09-22 01:10:44
Episode last modified by JDRiley on 2018-09-22 02:01:39

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"Duplication mode sounds fun", Lucy said.

Jason turned the dial until the blade was glowing blue.

"Okay, so what specifically do you want to duplicate?"

Lucy mulled it over. "Hmm...good question. I mean, I could have extra parts, a twin sister or even just the ability to copy myself...there's just too much to choose from."

After a minute, she came to a decision.

"I've got it - extra arms!"

"You absolutely sure about this?"

Lucy was taking her top off, leaving only her bra to cover her.


"Okay, many arms?"

"I think I'll go with just a second pair to start with. Kind of like training wheels before I decide to add more."

She stretched out her arms.

"Okay, go for it"

Jason carefully sliced through both of Lucy's shoulders, leaving blue glowing lines. Curiously, he pulled on her right arm, and it came off...sort of. It kind of resembled copying part of an image in photoshop and then dragging the copied part.

Jason had a look at the newly-created arm, which was wriggling about in his hands.

"Lucy, could you stop squirming? I need to reattach it."
"Sorry, it's just...a new, weird sensation. Can I look at it?"

Jason handed the arm to Lucy, and on closer inspection, the cut part was glowing the same bright blue.

"Okay, I'm ready for it to be attached, now."

Jason placed the arm under Lucy's existing right arm, and pulled on her left arm. Once again, a copy of Lucy's existing left arm was created, and he placed it under her existing one. He then pressed the red button on the hilt, restarting time. Chloe was still using her new arms to feel herself.

"I think maybe the first order of business is to put your top back on before mom sees us." Jason said.

Lucy quickly picked up her top and was surprised to find it now had four sleeves.

"Whoa. Did...did reality adjust to accomodate my transformation?" she asked as she put it back on.

"Well, you've brought along other clothes. Maybe they've changed too?"

Lucy quickly rummaged through one of her bags and pulled out a jacket with four sleeves. It looked tailor-made to fit her.

"This is awesome!" she said.

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