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8. "Split me in half?" (vertical)

7. She wants to use the katana on

6. Tell her the truth

5. Cousin Lucy

4. At home

3. Jason McCormick, 18

2. Reality-Altering Laser Katana

1. The Drafting Board

"Split me in half" (vertically)

on 2018-09-20 18:39:47
Episode last modified by JDRiley on 2018-09-20 18:40:04

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"Jason, could you split me in half?"
"What? I'm your cousin!"

She giggled

"No, I meant with the katana."

You picked it up.

"Okay then. You want me to split you horizontally or vertically?"

She mulled it over, then she said "Vertically".

"Vertically, eh? Hm, most splitting in half stuff I've seen online is usually at the waist."
"Yeah, but I want to split for practical reasons as well. Remember those weird health insurance ads where people would split in half to do two things at once?"
"Oh yeah. But here's a question - even if it's only temporary, are you sure you could handle having only one eye, one arm and one leg?"
"I'm positive. Anyway, that note did say something about the katana's targets adapting to their alterations. Although, I'm not sure how that applies to those who aren't frozen..."

You shrug, then raise the sword over her head and successfully cut a straight vertical line separating Lucy's left and right sides. She looked down at the glowing white line.

"Hey, quick question, won't this white line be distracting?"
"Probably not. It could just disappear when we restart time, and even if it doesn't, people will likely just accept it in this new reality"
She poked at the white line a little bit, finding she could stick her finger into it.

"Just a question, how do you feel?"
"Fine, mostly. But I seem to remember these weird experiences of things I don't recall doing before."
"Okay...hey, why not try writing a sentence with the hand you don't usually write with?"
"Well, the note said that people altered by the katana would adapt to their changes. I'm guessing that if you've split previously, you might be fully ambidextrous."

Lucy picked up a pencil and wrote "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" with her left hand. No sooner had she finished writing than she dropped the pencil in surprise, because her penmanship on that sentence was on the same level as when she used her right hand.

"Oh my god...this is amazing!", she said, staring at both her hands.

"Okay Lucy. Are you ready to experience your new life as a splitter?"

She turned around.

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