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4. Karyn's bizarre fantasy

3. After school the next day

2. They each sleep on it

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn's bizarre fantasy

on 2014-02-17 21:16:52

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"Well Jon," said Karyn in a bright optimistic tone and smiling brightly, "I think it's time we both made a wish."

Jon smiled. "I don't know Karyn, we do need to be careful. Don't forget that we can't undo wishes."
"Come on Jon, you trusted me with the existence of the stone. So why not trust me to share it with you?" Karyn smiled brightly at Jon. "I have a great idea for a wish for you."

Karyn slid over to Jon and put her hand on his hand. Jon was feeling warm, he wasn't sure if he wanted to part with the stone, even if it was Karyn. But he was having trouble concentrating for some reason, as if his attention was elsewhere.
"My plan was to make some wishes to make you more attractive, not that you're bad looking. But just see it like what we did, accidentely, with my breasts."

Jon's hand slid in his pocket. He was curious as to what Karyn was going to wish for and he had known her his whole life, surely she was trustworthy.
Jon produced the stone from his pocket and showed it to Karyn who gingerly took it from him.

"I still can't believe this exists." She said as she admired the smooth surface.
"So what was your plan Karyn?"

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