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3. After school the next day

2. They each sleep on it

1. You Are What You Wish

Problem and wishes, pondered at the park

on 2000-08-05 18:57:41

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I sat there sitting lazily under the shade of an oak. Nobody ever came to the old abandoned park, it was far too ran down and isolated for anybody's taste except those who really wanted their privacy.

It was built about 5 years before the depression, before the town was really much more then a couple dozen houses and a store.

It was built by a wealthy philanthropist, a really good guy from what I've read, first he built this park setting apart dozens of acres that he could have used for building development, then he gave half the land to the city to make certain that the land could never be spoiled.

It was a great idea, but when the depression hit he lost his entire fortune, and the city couldn't afford to upkeep it. But since neither owned the entire piece of property, neither could sell it to cut their losses.

So it became a ran down monument to generosity gone wrong. With the exception of a few teens that came by to make out every Friday night, only me and Karyn even came here, grownups couldn't stand the ran down atmosphere, and children thought this place was haunted.

I must admit to those kids though that at night this place is creepy. Nobody would stay out here after midnight; a little too many urban myths float around for anyone to be comfortable in it.

"Hey Jon," came a feminine voice cutting off my train of thought. Reactively I turned and saw Karyn come towards me book bag in hand, wearing a tank top revealing more of her then I've ever quite seen before.

"Hi Karyn," I said trying to conceal an impish smile, "What took you so long today?"

She stopped once she reached the tree plopped down next to me, her bountiful chest bouncing a little as she did so.

"These kept me," she said waving towards her chest with her hands, "You wouldn't believe how many boys I've had to ditch along the way, they followed me around like little lost puppy dogs. Her blue eyes were open wide and despite herself, I could tell that Karyn was enjoying this quite a bit.

I chuckled a little bit, trying desperately trying to control the huge smile across my face.

"Well," I said in a sarcastic tone, "The tank top does everything for you but help keep your problem under control."

Karyn shot out laughing uncontrollably leaning briefly onto my side brushing her chest against up against my back before shooting back up ridged.

"I'm so sorry Jon," said Karyn shocked at herself. I guess I need to control this body a little bit better, it's strange, but I've felt slightly strange all day.

"It's okay," I said in a concerned voice, the wish probably just jumbled a few things around in your mind to help you fulfill the wish. Your wish was basically to change yourself so boys would pay attention to you, I'd say it's just helping you fulfill that wish.

We both sat there, silent for a few moments, looking at the grassy ground, the fields, then at each other.

"Jon," said Karyn an almost sad tone.

"Yeah Karyn?"

"Where's the stone?"
"Right here," I said reaching into my pocket and taking it out for her to see, "Why do you want it?"

"Well Jon," said Karyn in a bright optimistic tone and smiling brightly, "I think it's time we both made a wish."

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