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4. shapeshiftingJ

3. After school the next day

2. They each sleep on it

1. You Are What You Wish

Jen and Kyle

on 2006-06-18 02:42:31

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"i was thinking what it would be like to be a boy," karyn said

"what! you want to be a guy."

"no not exactly just to try it out and i was thinking you could try being a girl."

"what makes you think i'd want to do that"

"it's just for fun it'd be temporary and we'd both understand what it's like to be the other"

"i don't know about i wouldn't know how to act"

"that'd be part of the fun both of us would be in a different body we're not used to, it would be exciting"

"i don't know but i guess we could try it. i wish me and karyn had the ability to change our sex at will.

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