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4. Hooters

3. After school the next day

2. They each sleep on it

1. You Are What You Wish

I'll take a table for two please.

on 2000-11-28 04:23:45

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"Why is that Karyn?" asked Jon

"Look at these, maybe I can do something with these with this stone." Said Karyn as Jon handed her the stone.

(Readers note, you know this is not a good thing for someone that is going to make a speech to have the stone)

"With that body, maybe you could get a job working at that restaurant Hooters over at the Mall and make a lot of money as a waitress there," said Jon trying to make light of the situation.

Karyn, also trying to see the humor in this situation had to say this as a reply, "I wish I had a job at Hooters." Remember she has the stone and as she says this, she vanishes from Jon's sight.

When she reappeared, she was shocked. She was wearing a tight white tank top that barely held in her chest. She looked in the mirror and saw the Owl and the word Hooters spelled backwards across the front of her shirt. She was also wearing tight orange shorts and a pair of nude tights as well as white socks and white sneakers. She also could make out a heavily padded black bra under the shirt that made her enormous DD breasts even bigger and more pronounced The tights felt good on her legs because they made them smoother and also she massaged her legs as she walked. Some other changes had occurred to her that she noticed immediately. Instead of physical, since she had the "requirements" for the job, these were more mental and time wise.

She was now 21, so she could be in college like the rest of the waitresses and also so she could work in the restaurant with a bar in it. She was now in college also, a requirement of the Local Hooters. She was majoring in child life physiology and was now a straight A student that was going to Graduate in May. The surprising thing was she was only a junior but had enough Credits to graduate. Her memory was a lot sharper and she could remember orders easily, which made her job tons of fun. She was happy with herself. Due to the hour, being midnight, it was closing time. Karyn was in the back room holding on to the stone again. She had a stupid thought in her head.

"I wish Jon could see how good my life turned out thanks to this wish I made." She said holding onto the stone.

The cooks had left early, and no men were allowed in the back room. Just then Jon materialized before Karyn. As he stood there, his body began to change so that he would fit in with the girls.

His chest expanded to a full DDD size bust, his hair lightened to a dusty blonde and lengthened to sweep his shoulders, his ass expanded and his plumbing reformed while his legs grew and his body shrunk and his feet shrunk and his waist contracted. Then his clothing changed so that he was wearing the same white tank top and the same orange shorts and the same nude tights and white socks and sneakers. His nametag said Nicole, which was the name his mom said he would have had if he were born a girl. He was confused. Then he remembered, he was also in college, a child life physiology major and he was graduating this May also. He also was 21 and he was Karyn's roommate in the dorms.

Karyn was saddened, the only way Jon could see her in an all girls dressing room was to become one, so now what do they do? Jon is still male in all memories, except he also is Nicole

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