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3. Jon comes home, mom realizes w

2. Mom's Turn

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's home

on 2007-07-02 23:55:56

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Jon's mother continued around the house, dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming. Before she knew it, three hours had passed. She heard the front door open and close, followed by a voice calling, "Mommy, I'm home!"

Jon's mother froze. It sounded a little like Jon, but the voice was higher than usual... and Jon hadn't called her 'Mommy' since he was in diapers! Nervously, she called to the intruder, "Jon, is that you?" Suddenly, Jon rounded the corner into the kitchen, where his mother was scrubbing the floor.

"Yeah, who else would it be?" Jon stood there, looking almost completely different to his mother's idea of him. His hair, which that morning was brown and short, was now almost shoulder-length and blonde. His t-shirt, once white, had become pink, and it seemed that he had a slight amount of cleavage budding underneath it. His pants might have become a little tighter, as well, and, though she might have just been imagining it, his mother thought she saw traces of a panty line.

"Jon, what have you done to your hair? And that shirt and pants!"

"Mom, I always dress like this! And... my hair's been like this... um... forever!" He sounded a little nervous. Why does mom know about that? Karyn and I accidentally wished for blonde hair yesterday, but I thought it was supposed to correct the memories of anyone who didn't hear the wish!

Jon's mother was panicking internally, as well. What's going on? Jon NEVER wore pink! And why would he lie about his hair being blonde? I'd notice what color my son's hair is! He's dressed exactly like... Oh my god, he's dressed exactly like Karyn! Reached into her pocket and pulled out the stone she held earlier. Did it grant her wish? Isn't that impossible?

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