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2. The Fiction Branches Anthem

1. The Forum

The Fiction Branches Anthem

avatar on 2018-08-19 03:35:56

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Those who dream of Fiction Branches
Often dream alone
But those of us who take our chances
To add our stories from home
Find our time is so well served
That though our joints may rust
We'll keep adding, word by word
We do it because we must
Oh, Fiction Branches of my dreams
Fiction Branches Grand
You're stuck inside my heart, it seems
Through act of my own hand
We tell the tale of Jon and Karyn
We tell their story true
And when my branch has got me swearin'
I pass it on to you
And you may take it forward
or throw things for a curve
As long as you can add your words
Your purpose is well-served
Branches near, and branches far
By authors old and new
This site is part of who we are
And it starts with a branch turned blue

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