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3. Too bad she didn't actually sa

2. Mom's Turn

1. You Are What You Wish

Mom makes some wishes

on 2001-05-09 16:52:02

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Jon's Mom looked at the rock in her hand. She wondered why Jon would keep random things around his room. She began to think back to when she was young.

"I wish I could be young and carefree again," She said.

When Jon returned home from the mall, the house was a mess. Loud music was playnig from upstairs. He began to investigate, and found a teenage girl, who looked eerily like his mom in a short leather shirt, knee high boots, and halter top on the phone (who we all know is actually Jon's Mom).

"Hang on, Sarah, I've got to go. K? Later." She hung up the phone.

Jon couldn't speak.

"I ddin't expect boys to just break in to come and get me."

With heated sexual passion, Jon's Mom jumped Jon.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Jon screamed. "Who are you? You're in my house! look like my mom!"

"That's not sexy talk. I thought you'd be more fun...but you do look familiar."

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