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4. The worst timing...

3. Boys will be boys

2. Mom's Turn

1. You Are What You Wish

The Worst Timing...

on 2002-09-06 15:20:10

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Jon really liked the design on the t-shirt he'd picked out of the rack. It was the only one in the store like it, and unfortunately it appeared as if it might be a little tight on him. So he went to the changing rooms in the back to try it on. Jon entered a stall and closed the curtain behind him.

Just then, he felt his right nipple rub against the fabric of his polo shirt. The fabric seemed rough, for some reason, so Jon unthinkingly reached up and rubbed his nipple. He wasn't expecting it to feel so sensitive... it felt kinda raw, but not in a painful sense. But it did seem swollen.

Looking down, he immediately noticed how big they looked. At first he thought it was an allergic reaction to his polo shirt, but then they grew larger before his very eyes! Each of his nipples now were the size of peas. They rubbed against the inside of his shirt every time his chest rose with breath. They felt very alien, but the sensations they caused told him very clearly that they were definitely part of his body.

Suddenly, Jon's nipples heaved against the fabric of his shirt, pushed outwards, he saw, by his expanding chest. His chest was expanding! This wasn't an allergy, this reminded him of the day before, when Karyn wished for larger...

Oh my God, he thought. I'm growing breasts!!

The pressure on his (now feminine, obviously) nipples, crushed between the inside of his polo shirt and his own inflating, sensitive flesh made it harder and harder for him to concentrate. He leaned against the wall of his cubicle and gasped for air. He felt an erection in his trousers and blindly unzipped his pants to let it escape.

Jon caught his reflection in the mirror beside him. The breasts looked so big now, at least as large as Karyn's new pair. He grasped them with his hands and squeezed them gently. They were so sensitive! He caressed his boobs as he felt them continue to grow in his hands.

Through the arousal, Jon wondered, How big are they going to get??

He quickly came and his dick blew its load into the opposite wall. He released his still-expanding bosom and sank to the floor. His penis was flaccid now, but he could feel the sensations of his tortured nipples ripple through his entire body. He began to drift away in a sea of pleasure, when he heard a ripping sound. Looking down, he saw a pair of immense breasts pushing beyond the limits of his shirt! Another, louder rip followed, and the pressure on his nipples cooled, but only for a second. They pushed further and further. Finally, with a terrific ripping noise, his shirt flew apart and his oversized tits slapped against his bare torso!

He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror again. The breast growth slowed, and then stopped. He was dumbfounded by the size of them. Each one looked nearly as big as his head, near-spherical mounds of creamy flesh, topped by nipples that seemed so small on them, yet so big compared to the male nipples he was used to. Their shape didn't look natural - of course, they WEREN'T natural on him - but more like the shape of breasts with implants. Gingerly, he squeezed one.

They don't feel like implants, he thought. But then, how would I know anyway? He turned to his side, and gawped at his profile in the mirror. They stood so far out from his chest!

They definitely look like implants, he thought. They're so heavy!

He cupped the undersides of his new mounds and held them up to relieve the pressure on his back somewhat. Someone must have found the wishing rock, and done this to me! I hope I can reverse this, he thought. I have to stop whoever did this before they do anything serious... more serious.

He looked about him. His polo shirt was in ruins, and there was no way the t-shirt he'd brought in with him would ever fit him now!

"Oh no," he gasped. "How the hell do I get out of here now? I'm half naked!"

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