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4. Porn-Again?

3. Boys will be boys

2. Mom's Turn

1. You Are What You Wish

Wish Granted

on 2000-09-10 20:08:59

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At the mall Jon suddenly felt cramps in his stomach. As he bent forward and held his aching gut, he fell to the ground. His chest hurt from the impact with the concrete floor of the mall. The wave of cramps passed and Jon attempted to regain his feet. He pushed up to his elbows, but something was wrong, he was on his elbows but his chest still felt like it was on the ground?

At this time he heard some people saying, "She fell over" or "I wonder if she is all right?" This was accompanied by sounds of people rushing toward Jon? Jon turned his head to look and he saw that the people were coming toward him all right. He could see them through his long blond hair that had flopped into his face. Long blond hair? Jon didn't have long blond hair and why was his chest still on the ground?

Jon looked down toward his chest. He gasped. His T shirt was stretched out to where is was starting to tear. The tight T shirt didn't concern him though, it was the mammoth expanse of cleavage he could see down his stretched neck line. That is the cleavage and that his BOOBS (!) were still resting on the floor, despite him being raise up on his elbows. He was still gawking at himself when two sets of strong hands pulled him up to his feet.

"Are you ok Miss?" asked the stranger to the left.

"Wow, you're a hottie!" said the stranger to the right.

Jon was speechless. He was still gawking at his chest and body. He was woozy on his feet. The man on the right started to "brush" the dirt from the front of the T shirt.

"Leave her alone!" screamed the woman from a nearby lingerie shop.

"Hey, I am just helping her!" replied the stranger.

"Yea, man back-off." said the stranger on the left.

"Here Miss, come in here and have a sit while I get you some water." said the woman.

With the help of the two men, Jon was walked into the lingerie shop. They passed a full length mirror on the way in. As they did, Jon saw a beautiful outrageously stacked woman between two men, wearing a grossly to tight T shirt and ill fitting men's jeans. No, wait, Jon was the outrageously stacked young woman! As sure as the sway of his huge breasts, the jiggle of his now wide ass, the soreness of his nipples from hitting the floor and the absence in his crotch had been telling him with each step, the woman was him, or rather her. But, she looked familiar? No, she didn't that was a very beautiful, but definitely his own feminized face, it was the body that looked familiar. Then it hit him, the body was just like cover girl Maxi Mounds on page 34 of the October "Score" magazine. He ought to know he had that page folded back on the issue hid in his room. His room? Shit! Somebody else had the wishing rock! That meant...that meant..hell, that meant she already knew her measurements, they were 56-25-36, the same as Maxi's. Jon wonder what she should do next, well, that and wondered if the pain in her shoulders and back were from the fall.

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