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4. He's carrying all right!

3. Boys will be boys

2. Mom's Turn

1. You Are What You Wish

Wow, that wasn't what I expected

on 2000-08-14 04:54:58

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Jon felt a quick moment of dizziness, then a longer moment of confusion. Suddenly, he was in a strange apartment, facing a beautiful naked female back. His hands were reached around her chest, and cupping her breasts. He couldn't see who the woman was, but from the fantastic figure that stood before him, and the large firm breasts he held in his hands, she was a knockout.
The woman shrieked and jumped forward to get away from him. Jon was stunned to find himself pulled right along behind her. His hands were stuck to her breasts, and whenever she moved, he found himself involuntarily moving right along with her, in order to continue lifting her breasts. She jumped around a few more times, attempting to get away from him. After realizing she couldn't get away. She just stood there for a moment, breathing hard.
"I don't know who the hell you are, or how you did this, but you had better let go of me RIGHT NOW!"
"I really can't, I'm sorry. I can't let go. But, I can explain."
"It had better not be superglue, you little pipsqueak. If you leave a mark on my skin, I'll..."
"It's not superglue, I swear! It's um.... , a rock."
"A what?"
"Could I possibly use your phone?"

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