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3. Mother's Wishes

2. Mom's Turn

1. You Are What You Wish

Mother's Wishes

on 2000-07-27 20:29:10

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Jon got to the mall and headed straight for the food court. He could almost taste that juicy burger in his mouth.
"Hey man, what's up?" It was his buddy Robbie.
"Just grabbing a burger. Want to join me..."
Suddenly he felt strange.
"Sure Joanne. Karyn around here too?"
Joanne? What the heck was he babbling about? That was when he noticed he was looking up at Robbie. They were usually the same height.
"Let me buy." Robbie smiled a crooked smile. It was his make-out smile.
"K" Jon croaked out. His voice was too high. Way to high. He sounded almost like Karyn...

Robbie went up and got in line at the burger king. Jon quickly ran uver to the mirrorred wall beside the Wal-Mart. Staring back was Karyn. Same smile, same height, same greeen jumper she wore to school today; the only thing different from what he saw in Karyn everyday was the new long, blonde hair and big boobs.
"Someone must have the rock!!"

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