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3. What's happening to Jon?

2. Mom's Turn

1. You Are What You Wish

Minor Adjustments

on 2000-07-26 04:58:56

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Jon wandered through the mall, checking out the new games at the computer stores and checking through the new releases at the bookstore. He was headed for HMV to see if there'd been any new CD releases, when he caught a glimpse of himself in a mirrored pillar along the upper concourse.

His sandy-brown hair seemed lighter in colour, almost blonde. His greenish hazel eyes seemed a bit more blue.

"Just a trick of the lighting," he thought to himself as he continued on his way, clutching his new copy of Diablo 2 closer to himself.

Fortunately for him, his mother had only wished him to be a little more like Karyn, hence only his hair colour and eyes had changed. His unruly mop was still the same length.

As he rounded the corner towards the HMV, he saw Karyn stepping off the escalator and waving to him.

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