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7. You begin to understand

6. Little Sister

5. This isn't my bathroom

4. Understanding

3. The Bitch Makes Her Move

2. episode two

1. You Are What You Wish

You begin to understand

on 2009-07-11 11:09:29

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A moment after the door closed Paige and her new mother separated from each other. Her mother deftly lifted Paige's shirt off in the process and then urged her out of her flip-flops. Paige stood stunned, still trying to come to terms with how drastically her life had been altered. Finding herself completely naked in front of a woman who was essentially a stranger to her didn't help matters.

"Sit down, honey. You don't need to feel embarrassed, we're both girls, and we're both beautiful." Paige just stared at her dumbly while the woman began to get undressed. "It's ok, sit down. I did this with your sister when she was about your age, and I think now it's time for me to explain things to you."

Her mother was completely naked now (some of her braincells noticed this while the rest were just giving up completely on everything) and she was staring at her new mother's breasts as that slippery feeling started to come back.

"Those are my breasts. Yours are just starting to grow, but they're going to get about as big as mine." She cupped one of them as if to showcase it and then put her finger on her nipple. "This is the nipple. Sit down, sweetie."

She beckoned to the chair that Sarah's robe had been hanging on and this time the completely stunned prepubescent girl sat down. When she looked up her mother continued, kneeling down in front of her. "We should probably go and get you a training bra soon since they're starting to grow already. So this is the nipple. Girls have them because...

The next half hour was the strangest in Paige's life (even before her name became Paige). Her mother explained why girls have breasts, how babies are made and a little bit about what her menstrual cycle would be like. Every time her mother began explaining a new topic, Paige found herself horrified but fascinated at the same time. She tried her best to "play along" to avoid punishment from Sarah. With her explanations, her mother pointed out on Paige's body where and what things are, and each time Paige felt another shock of her new reality.

Paige learned that she was now twelve years old, so she had regressed five years. Her full name was now "Paige Tabitha McMillan", and her horrified thought was that it would be that for the rest of her life. She learned a few more details about her life, such as her birthday was still the same day it was before, just five years later now. She and her sister were both planned pregnancies and Jacob, her new five year old brother, was a happy accident. But mostly she learned a lot more about her new body than she ever wanted to know about a girl's body. The worst part though was that her mother used herself as an example for some things. Paige was beginning to think she never wanted to look at another girl again after learning so much and seeing an old woman's girl parts.

The entire time, her mother was very positive about the whole thing, constantly reminding Paige that she would grow up to be a beautiful woman, "just like your sister is." She explained that if she paid attention to her sister, she'd learn to wrap boys around her fingers just as easily, and gave some opinions about the types of boys she should look for.

She finally finished with an explanation of what is probably going to happen the first time Paige gets her period ("Carry a tampon with you because the first time you'll probably be completely surprised by it and have to throw your ruined underwear away"). Of all the things she could have learned, Paige thought that was the most horrible thing of all.

A short while later Page was alone in the bathroom and huddled in the bathtub, rocking back and forth. The water was so hot that steam was rising gently off the surface of the water and her skin below the waterline was red.

She didn't even hear when the bathroom door opened and Sarah came back in, so she almost screamed in fright when Sarah said, "Sorry, sis, I gotta pee."

"Whoa, whoa there, you ok?" Paige turned slowly toward Sarah and just stared off through her into the distance. "Oh, it's not that bad. She told you all about your new body though, didn't she? She gave me that lesson when I was about your age."

"What have you done to me?" croaked Paige.

"Oh, stop that. Being a girl isn't so bad. Besides, you're going to be beautiful now, little sis!"

"You took my family from me."

"Oh, that. Don't worry, you and I are the only two people who know anything is unusual." Sarah pulled her panties down and bunched her robe around her waist so she could sit on the toilet. She kept talking even while she peed. "I did want to ask you though, do you want me to make it so that your skanky friend Karyn knows what happened to you? Or I could make her your twin sister. She's already stuck with the right color hair."

Paige just glared at Sarah as the older girl cleaned up and flushed the toilet. Sarah had taken her family away from her, and then dismissed it as inconsequential. Add to that she knew next to nothing about her life as "Paige" and she did NOT want to be stuck like this any longer.

"Come on, finish your bath, I don't want to talk in here." Sarah stood up and turned toward the door. "Come to my room when you're done, second door on the left." And with that, Sarah walked out of the bathroom again and closed the door.

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