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5. This isn't my bathroom

4. Understanding

3. The Bitch Makes Her Move

2. episode two

1. You Are What You Wish

This isn't my bathroom

on 2009-07-11 11:07:23

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He heard "wish" and realized before his muscles even responded that he was too late to stop her. The world slowed down again, but Jon couldn't focus his eyes to look at anything. It felt like he had sand in his eyes and went to rub them.

"Ow!" said a girl right in front of him, voicing the pain he felt when his fingernails dug painfully into his eyes. He didn't remember them being so long. Jon blinked a few times and his vision cleared enough to see that there was no girl right in front of him where he thought she was. There was however a naked Sarah laying in a bathtub.

They were in a large bathroom, probably almost as big as his bedroom. It was decorated with a beige and pink tile motif that matched the toilet cover, the bathroom rug, the floor mat in front of the bathtub, the towels hanging around the bathroom on the several towel racks, the countertop, etc. etc. Jon had been in bathrooms like this when his parents had taken him to the home furnishing store years and years ago. Some of them had blue motifs, some utilitarian black and white, some made up to look like other rooms to distract from the fact that you were in the bathroom. But when he got home, he was happy to go back to using his plain, white tile bathroom and his plain, white toilet. He didn't understand why anyone would need such a big bathroom.

Amidst confusion over his surroundings, he took in the fact that the bathtub indeed was full of water and had a naked, female occupant, lying on her back with her feet propped up on the edge of the tub on either side of the fancy, brass faucet. The "naked Sarah" part registered several times as he looked at various parts of her anatomy.

Her long, blonde hair was wet and partially submerged in the water, her face was devoid of any makeup and wet, having just been washed. Her breasts were a little bigger than he imagined, but they were so much perkier than the ones he saw in his dad's smut magazines. And they were wet, and really right in front of him, sans staples. She had a narrow waist and taught tummy, her belly button the only thing breaking the smoothness of her flesh.

At the base of her belly was a mound of blonde hair that flowed down and over a mound with a cleft in the middle, her blonde hair almost transparent in the water. Her waist was bunched a bit with the way she had propped her legs up, but those legs were quite lovely, leading down to dainty feet that wore girlie shoes with heels every day. He began to experience the same sensations that masturbation caused, but something felt a little off.

His gaze moved back up to her breasts but stopped short when he saw the stone still in her blue claws. Jon had apparently pissed himself. Yeah, he was scared, and she was still holding the stone. Not only that, but now he was in a strange bathroom with her, and she was in the middle of taking a bath!

Their eyes met. Sarah closed her fist around the stone and covered her breasts with that arm, and covered her crotch with the other hand. "Who are you?" she asked. Waves of fear emanated from Sarah, adding to his confusion. And then some girl started to say what he was about to say, so he stopped speaking.

"What do you mean who... am..." But she stopped too. From the sound of her, she was a young girl, probably a year or so younger than his 14 year old sister, Zoe.

Still confused, Jon started to speak again, but that girl spoke for him again. "What do... What? Hello?" It wasn't a girl, it was him. It was him?!

Sarah's eyes darted down over Jon's body in the same moment Jon made his discovery, and so he followed her gaze down.

The first thing he noticed was that he was standing in the pool of a white skirt, as if he had just slid it down his waist down to the floor. A mass of blonde hair fell into his vision when he tipped his head forward, so he awkwardly grabbed it and bunched it together in his left hand and behind his head.

Looking down again he saw the dark blue baby-doll tee with slight bumps where his nipples would be, pushing out a picture of a rainbow over a unicorn. Below that he found that he was now a she. She had a blonde mound of fuzz beginning to grow between her legs, and it did nothing to hide the top part of the cleft she now had instead of a penis and balls.

Peeking out from the skirt pooled around his ankles was a pair of little, pink underwear, those on top of black flip-flops with dark blue toe-thongs on his feet.

She looked up and made eye contact with Sarah again who did a double-take and started to giggle.

"What the hell is so funny?" Jon said in his new, prepubescent girl voice.

"Are you Jon?" she asked, amid more giggles that were becoming full on laughter. She stopped covering herself.

Voice quivering he replied, "Yes, I'm Jon, what the fuck did you do to me?"

After another round of laughter Sarah composed herself. Absentmindedly she commented, "I wish I knew," and then both girls cringed momentarily. Jon felt his heart beat several times before the new silence was broken.

"Oh. My. Fucking. GOD!" Sarah looked like she didn't know whether to laugh, cry or wind her watch. She choked out a sad laugh then sat up, trying to make sense of something off in the distance.

"What?" cried Jon, now full-on panicking. She was getting aroused looking at Sarah's naked body. She hadn't pissed herself in fear. Girls don't have dicks, so they get slippery instead of hard. That's how a guy has sex with one. Being 17 and a virgin hadn't taught her much, but she was sure that was right. She was even confusing herself trying to wrap her head around the simple change in pronouns.

Girls are so different. And now she's a girl! She imagined trying to play football in a skirt or not being able to hold a bowling ball because of long nails like Sarah had. She was now porn. Jon didn't really think of girls as just objects, but did enjoy snatching her father's smut and getting off. And now she was a girl. Just like the girls in the magazines. "Oh god," she moaned. Jon didn't want to be a girl. She wanted to be able to play football. Fuck a girl someday. "Oh god!" she moaned again. She didn't want to kiss a guy. Or worse!

"Hello, earth to, um, Jon." Sarah patiently repeated herself until Jon looked at her. "Now shut up and listen, there's no fucking time. Your name is Paige and you're my little sister now! Mom's about to come in and she's going to find you getting naked in here with me. She isn't going to be mad, but you have to play along for now. Or I'll do something really mean to you!"

"What?" No. Fucking. Way. How could she be Sarah's little sister? Blonde hair. Jon felt like she was going to throw up. She turned and found the mirror and everything around her just faded from existence. The only thing she could see was her reflection in the mirror. But that couldn't be her. It was clearly a younger version of Sarah McMillan. And she was in Sarah's house. Getting naked and turned on in the bathroom. With her sister!

She almost did throw up that time.

"I'll explain everything to you later when you're done with your bath." She looked up when a knock on the bathroom door interrupted.

Jon was standing in the middle of the bathroom. On her left was a large, fancy cabinet with a sink on the beige countertop that complimented the tilework and a pair of large mirrors above the sink. On her right was a beige toilet with both seats down showing off the same colors as the rest of the bathroom. She could spread both arms wide and not be able to touch the edge of the sink and the edge of the toilet at the same time. Two steps ahead of her was the bathtub. It wasn't much bigger than her own back home, but the shower head reached up from right behind the faucet to spray water from above, standing on a brass pipe that matched the shower curtains and towel rods and the faucet on the bathroom sink. It was mostly open right now with a ring above holding the shower curtain all bunched up to the back and out of the way. Between the bathtub and the toilet was a beige, metal chair with a brown, floral patterned silk robe draped over it.

The door opened, and when she turned around she found that she was about 2 steps away from it. And then a woman, obviously Sarah's mother, stepped in and looked directly at Jon.

"There you are, Paige. I told you to wait until your sister was done."

The reality of the situation finally hit home. Sarah had made a wish that somehow turned her into Sarah's little sister. Her name was now "Paige McMillan" and would be for the rest of her life if she couldn't find some way to convince Sarah to change her back.

Paige started to cry.

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