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4. Understanding

3. The Bitch Makes Her Move

2. episode two

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2009-07-11 11:06:24

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"Fine," he muttered as he went downstairs.

Jon's head began to clear as he walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. He had to admit, she was pretty and he would love to bone her (despite what he may have told Karyn).

Plus he was tired, his mother had just woke him up after all. He kicked himself mentally when he remembered he had fallen asleep rather than done anything with the stone.

The stone!

Jon put two and two together and realized that Sarah was upstairs, alone in his bedroom. A few brain cells fired off in appreciation of that fact, but the rest panicked. He turned around and took the stairs two at a time.

He froze in his tracks a step into his room. Before him was Sarah, sitting cross-legged on his bedroom floor, holding the stone in her blue claws. He thought the blue polish she was wearing was weird since it clashed with the rest of her outfit and makeup. Not that he was a fashionista or anything. She was in mid-sentence and stopped, facing Jon with a frantic and surprised expression.

The silent moment yawned into the next as the world began to move again. Jon took a step forward and then stopped again when Sarah began to speak.

"I wish"

"NO!" Jon shouted, and then hastily added, "the next thing you say will be permanent! You can't reverse wishes!"

" would be quiet for a minute," gasped Sarah, shocking the hell out of Jon. Sarah took a breath. "Don't come any closer or I'll wi..." She faltered for a moment and quickly recovered with, " something worse."

Jon wasn't sure what worried him more; the fact that she held all the power in the universe in the palm of her hand, or the fact that she had become so calm all of a sudden. Like the first quiet drops of rain before a bad thunderstorm, he knew that much worse was yet to come.

And yet his brain faltered when basic speech became necessary again. He hadn't meant to say it quite the way he did, but in hindsight, she probably would have taken anything he said here in the worst possible way. It was truly a concern for her well-being, borne out of the experience of watching his best friend get a permanent boob job and hair dye right before his eyes.

Hell, he'd had almost a whole minute to think about it before he was able to even crack his knuckles, and all the while Sarah just held the stone in her hand and processed the situation, looking worriedly at her fingernails every few moments.

"Don't say anything stupid that you'll regret. That's what happened to..."

Like a peal of thunder Sarah began raving at the top of her lungs, interrupting Jon's sentence, his train of thought and that of several others within half a mile. "Stupid?" she shrieked. "You think I'm stupid? Some vapid bimbo who couldn't tie her own shoelaces? Oh no. No no no! I know I'm beautiful, and I work hard at it! But that doesn't mean I'm stupid, you asshole!"

In the momentary silence while Sarah took a breath, Jon heard a lack of commotion from downstairs where he imagined his parents' faces in shock, too stunned to move. He made the decision to do some damage control, yet another in a long line of idiotic reactions when he was near a girl he thought was sexy.

"Look, I don't think you're stupid, but whatever you just did probably freaked you out and you're not thinking clearly."

Yes, not the brightest thing to say at this point. Her withering glare almost pushed him back a step.

"I am thinking perfectly clearly. I have the world's most powerful artifact in my hand and the only reason you aren't trying to overpower me and get it is because you know I can make a, thing, faster than you could remove it from my grip.

"You and your skanky friend think I'm stupid. You only see how I act around people I am trying to manipulate. That's right, I manipulate people. It's easy! You just don't understand. My mother taught me almost everything about men and how to get them to do what I want. Hell, you even let me into your ROOM and left me ALONE with this thing. Even you aren't immune!"

"I don't understand?" Jon spluttered. "What in the hell are you talking about? Just because your mother taught you that doesn't make it right!"

"God, what the fuck is wrong with you, Jon? You're the only attractive guy that won't even give me the time of day. We used to be friends back in like third grade, but now that bitch has turned you against me. I wish you would understand how I feel!"

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