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3. Reading the Note

2. A man fresh out of college.

1. Altered Fates

Reading the Note

on 2005-03-23 19:31:44

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"To whom it may concern.If you are reading this note you are no doubt the new owner of the Medallion of Zulo.Take heed,that while it may look like no more the cheap jewelry,it is the greatest thing you could have ever found.For this Medallion is magic."

"Magic?" Nick murmered.

"Using the Medallion is simple.Just put it on,and touch a peice of clothing to it.The Medallion's magic will transform your body into an exact copy of the person who last wore the clothing,as they were when they last wore it.If you touch a peice of clothing to it that has never been worn,you will change into a version of youself that is appropriate for the clothing.Finally if you touch the Medallion to aother person,both you and them will change into each other."

Nick's head was buzzing with thoughts.What if this was real?Could such a thhing exist?Was this some elaborate hoax?Was his girlfriend playing a trick on him?

"But there are things you must be careful of when using the medallion.First,there is a time limit.Once a person has been changed by the medallion,they cannot change again for twelve hours.Second,if the Medallion is taken off during the transformation,then the transformation will stop where it is.Usually you can finish transforming just by putting the Medallion back on.But if you wait to long,roughly ten minutes after taking it off,then you will not be able to change until the time limit has passed.Finally,there is the matter of changes to the mind.Normally this is nothing more then small things.Knowing how to walk or get dressed,just little thing to make it easier to function in the new body.But there is a chance,regardless of how small,that larger changes might be made."

Reading that last part sent a shiver down Nick's spine.It sounded quite ominous to him.

"This is all I have to tell you.The Medallion and all the possibilities it presents are yours now.I ask only that, should you ever decide to get rid of it, that you place this note back in the box,so that the Medallion's next owner will know how to use it as well."

Nick held the note in has hands,and read it over again,and then once more.He placed the paper down,and picked the Medallion back up."There's no way.It just can't be." he said softly.He knew he would have to test it,It was the only way to know for sure.

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