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2. A man fresh out of college.

1. Altered Fates

The Medallion's New Owner.

on 2005-03-23 01:16:56

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Nick Masters was looking through the assorted junk,hoping to find something cheap,as he was low on cash.So far he hadn't seen anything worth his money,until he saw the small box.It seemed plain enough,but he found himself drawn to it.He opened it up and looked at the cheap peice of what he assumed to be costume jewelry.Ignoring the piece of paper inside the box,he lifted the medallion out of the box,trying to get a closer look.

It was rather dirty,though he thought he could make out the image of a fairy,or perhaps an angel on the front of it.And along the side there seemed to have been something written.

He looked at the price tag on the box,Fifty cents.Surely he could afford to hand over a couple quarters for this interesting little trinket.He was about to open up the peice of paper that had been inside the box,when he heard his girlfriend.

"Did you find something?" Megan asked him,and started walking towards him.

"Nothing much." he replied,and placed the Medallion and the paper in the box,and closed it."I'm going to buy this though." he said.

He showed the box to the people running the yard sale,handed over the money,and walked with his girlfriend back to the car.They stopped at four other yard sales on their way back to Megan's apartment,and he had completly forgotten about the box until he got there.

While Megan grabbed them something to eat,Nick pulled out the box and removed the medallion again.However he couldn't remember why he had wanted to buy it in the first place.It was just so very....dull!

Putting the medallion aside he pulled out the paper and opened it up.It said....

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