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11. Previously on

10. End Credits

9. Do you Speak The Language?

8. Jane is a Better Secretary

7. Stone, P.I.

6. His Mom (2)

5. Someone Else Gets Pulled In

4. Jon Turns the TV Off

3. Magic TV

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Magic TV: Previously on

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Jane sat down on the couch and flicked the TV on. She was surprised that Jon was not sitting in front of the TV as he usually was at this time of night. Then she heard a room door close and realized that it was Jon’s as both Zoe and Mikey were out tonight.

The ident for ACN came on the screen and saw what show had just come back from a commercial break. It was Stone P.I one of her dad’s favorite shows. She had seen almost every episode of it as a teenager sitting beside her dad. She had been such a daddy's girl back then. Boy did she miss him. She still couldn’t really believe he was gone. The scene showed a young woman with fiery red hair dressed in a white button-up shirt and black leather skirt. She's standing with one hand on her hip and one hand resting on a desk in front of her. There is a lamp in the background and some artwork on the wall behind and beside her.

It took Jane less than a second to recognize Rebecca, Stone’s secretary. her attire evoked a classic, sophisticated style. The woman's expression is confident and alluring, and the image overall creates a sense of elegance and glamour.

As a teenager Jane had thought that Rebecca was sexy, she had envied Rebecca good looks back then. Jane never thought she was that pretty. Of course that changed when she met the kid's dad he had shown her how good-looking she was. Even though she had found someone she still wasn’t anywhere as pretty as Rebecca.

As her thoughts returned to the present day she began to wonder had the kids moved the TV. She was sure the couch was not this close to it before. Then she saw the couch a few feet behind her. It was in the same spot it had been when she had sat down. She turned to look towards the TV and she could see that it too was in the same spot. So if the couch and the TV hadn’t moved was going on?

Then she noticed that she was floating above the floor and she was almost touching the screen. The TV she thought if she grabbed a hold of the TV then she would be able to steady herself and once she had stopped moving she would be able to figure out what to do next. She reached the TV and unbeknownst to her she did the same thing her oldest son had done earlier. She let her hand touch the screen. She felt the static coming from what she thought was the TV but the static feeling didn’t stop at her hand it continued down her body. She thought that she had screamed as everything around her turned to black but she wasn’t sure.

As she continued down this long black tunnel. Yes, it was a tunnel that’s what it was she was sure that someone passed her. Jane reached out a hand as whoever it was passed her. She was sure that she had felt something Leather. Suddenly she was out of the tunnel and she was standing in a well-lit room the lighting was soft and warm and somehow familiar to Jane.

Yes, she had seen this room somewhere before but she was not sure where. She saw a seat behind a desk, this appeared some sort of office she thought. She saw a handbag sitting at the side of the desk which again looked familiar to her. She knew she shouldn’t but she opened the bag and found the compact that was inside. She needed to check if she had been injured as she had fallen down the black tunnel. She opened the compact and for the first time since she had arrived in this office, she saw herself reflected in the mirror. She now had a 50s haircut, straight on the sides, and curled at the edges.

Jane was again sure she had seen this hairstyle before. Then she noticed that she was no longer wearing the clothes she had been when she sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. She was now wearing a very familiar outfit one that she had seen on the TV screen just before she had fallen down the black tunnel.

She almost fell against the desk as she recognized it as the very same outfit that her teenage idol Rebecca had been wearing in the episode that she had been watching. She seemed to her eye to fill it out almost as fell as Rebecca had she thought proudly. Whoever had been using the desk before she had arrived seemed to have been typing up something on a typewriter. She sat down on the office chair that she knew so well from her childhood. This had to be a dream she thought. She had been thinking of her dad while watching the show. She must have fallen asleep and her sub concuss had cast her in Rebecca role right down to the outfit that she had been wearing.

Jane looked at the typewriter in front of her and started to type. She had no idea if what she was typing was right or not it just seemed the right thing to do. The phone rang. "Stone Detective Agency," she said.

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