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10. End Credits

9. Do you Speak The Language?

8. Jane is a Better Secretary

7. Stone, P.I.

6. His Mom (2)

5. Someone Else Gets Pulled In

4. Jon Turns the TV Off

3. Magic TV

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Magic TV: End Credits

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Jon watched as his mother continued to speak in this strange accent. What was going on, how could he get his mother out of this strange two-dimensional existence?

Meanwhile, there was a knock at the door of the apartment on the TV.

“Come on out Stone I know you are in there.” Came the voice from the other side of the door.

Stone stood behind the door with his gun drawn.

“He is not here,” Jane told whoever it was on the other side.

“Open the door Jannie it’s me, Sargent Smith.” The voice announced.

Meanwhile, in the 21st century, Rebecca had barely taken her eyes off the screen as she shouted out. “Open the door boss it's Jonesy I can see him you’re fine. I really need to tidy up my apartment someday.”

Jon turned towards her as if to say after all that has happened that is all you have to say. Then he saw her sitting on the couch next to him with her long now brown hair with her legs crossed. She was wearing a white shirt with her arms crossed, and her legs tight together. Her outfit was one of his mother's favorite outfits she wore while relaxing in front of the TV. It was the outfit his mother had been wearing before she had ended up in her new two-dimensional reality.

Jon quickly turned his attention to the TV once more to see Stone and Detective Jones leaving the apartment with His mother. The conversation between the two men continued as they descended the stairs towards the street.

“I swear to you Jonesy I did not kill him,” Stone told the policeman.

“I know you didn’t Stone if you did you would not be stupid enough to hide out in Jannie's apartment.” Came the reply.

“I am not sure if that is a compliment or an insult.” Stone said to his friend smiling.

“You take it any way you want.” The policeman went on to say.

The scene then cuts to a dark room “No they think it was Stone and not me boss. Yeah, I am sure that is who they are looking for. They are never tracing it back to you. Even if I get caught I won’t say a thing.” The voice said.

Then suddenly a shot came through the window and hit the man on the phone sending him spiralling towards the floor.

Then in a second room, a phone rang out. A figure moved to answer it.

“Is it done?” Good, good. I will have an associate of mine arrive shortly with your fee. Thank you once again for such prompt work.” Then the phone was hung up.

Jon was growing concerned he had not seen his mother on the screen since Stone had been led out of the apartment building.

Next time "The Man with the Scar" on "Stone, P.I.

Jon realized that the episode was at an end. He hoped that this being the case his mother would now be returned to him but somehow he knew that this was not happening given the fact that Rebecca was now wearing his mother's clothes.
The credits began to roll on the screen

Stone P.I -- Boris Sagal
Detective Jones -- Walter E. Grauman
Jannie Gibson -- Linda Hart

As the credits continued on Jon barely paid any attention to them. He had seen his mother's name come up as one of the characters in the show with an actor's name beside it for who was playing the role. Jon wondered what that meant for him and his family. He still remembered his mother but was this due to him making the wish that had caused all of this he didn’t know.

By the time he turned back towards the screen, he heard the station announcer say Coming up next another episode of the classic detective show Stone P.I. The Man with the Scar.
Jon then realized that it was the continuation of the story that the credits had advised him of, perhaps everything was not lost yet. Perhaps.

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