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10. Sarah is Shipped Out

9. Sarah is Next

8. Sarah Finds Her Father

7. Sarah Tries to Get Help from t

6. Sarah Wakes Up in a Cold Sweat

5. On a Gurney

4. Waking Up Elsewhere

3. Jon sleeps on it.

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Sarah and the Workmen: Sarah is Shipped Out

on 2024-07-01 18:49:22

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Lending evidence to her original thought it was a hairdresser's chair, she spotted one of them coming at her with scissors. She was suddenly worried about her hair before she realized, like many things...she had other problems. How was she going to get out of this?

They cut her hair off in what seemed to be a large bundle, which they also wrapped up as neatly as everything else before giving her a short haircut, then started to dye it brown. Finally, they trimmed her nails before cleaning up all the remnants, leaving the room spotless before carrying her out. She could see them bringing another prone form inside. She couldn't see who it was.

They placed her in the back of one of their vehicles and drove off.

Finally, they arrived at a new location, and hauled her into a house she'd never been in before. She could see the same sort of workmen carrying other items in. She had gotten used to being only able to watch as this happened, not even able to turn her head or speak. Carrying her into a dim room, they began to dress her. It felt like a pair of pajamas.She was then positioned on a bed on her back, and tucked under a blanket.

She could only see the ceiling, but hear them working around her.

Finally, things grew silent...and then suddenly, she could hear the sound of a clock ticketing again...She still couldn't she laid there, and eventually fell asleep.

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